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Here’s Ubisoft’s Nintendo Switch Lineup

You may have missed it, but Ubisoft recently revealed the games that they will be bringing to the Nintendo Switch and sadly there’s no mention of the long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil. Instead, we are getting Steep, Just Dance 2017, and Rayman Legends Definitive Edition, but Ubisoft promises there are more games in the works for the platform.

“These three games are just the beginning. We will share more about other exciting projects for the Nintendo Switch at a later date.”

The only Ubisoft game to arrive at launch will be Just Dance 2017 which is currently available on a variety of platforms. The Nintendo Switch version of the game has an exclusive track for Nintendo Switch owners (“How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris & Disciples) which will be available via Just Dance Unlimited the streaming service.

The other titles are Rayman Legends Definitive Edition which features a few new surprises and also takes advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s unique features. You will also be getting Steep which is Ubisoft’s recent snowboarding title set in the open world of the Alps where you can ski, snowboard, wingsuit, and paraglide.

Thanks to Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis


47 thoughts on “Here’s Ubisoft’s Nintendo Switch Lineup”

  1. Rayman legends? Oh you mean the game that was suppose to come out for the Wii U but instead got delayed so it can go multi platform? lol this is just…… great.

    1. Idk why people like you comment in the butt-hurt manner about Rayman Legends. Let it go already. Who the frig cares that it delayed to go multi. The system was selling like crap, and they paused development to port the games over to the other system to avoid taking a lost on the Wii U version. You guys got the ifff game in the end after a few months. You guys are so delusional and have this idea that Rayman legends should been exclusive. The Wii u was crap on release. That game wouldn’t have moved consoles if it were just exclusive. They made sure they didn’t lose money, that’s what businesses do.

      1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!)

        Except the Wii U version ended up selling the most of all the units. They could have done a timed release for the game. And it wasn’t the first time Ubisoft fucked over the U, either. Watch Dogs was delayed with the promise of using the Gamepad in unique ways & all we got was a map. Maybe some people should quit being so defensively butthurt of Ubisoft & admit Ubisoft was wrong. Even if it did end up costing them money, they should have kept their promises regardless. Least they would have been seen 100% favorably for at least TRYING to help the Wii U to the best of their abilities the first 2 years. *shrug* But it’s all good. They have a chance to redeem their sins with the Switch. Not off to a great start when compared to how they started off on Wii U with games like Assassin’s Creed, though.

        1. Why don’t you blame Nintendo for not contracting the game to be only a Wii u exclusive instead of blaming Ubisoft. The Wii u sucked, and they weren’t going to take a lost. It doesn’t matter of the Wii u had more sells, the fact is that they didn’t wanna take the risk and that’s why the release all at once. Why would I time release when I can do it all at one time? They delayed because the sells of the Wii u were horrible. Same reason why developers are slowly waiting to see what the switch will do before backing it completely. Ubisoft did what they did as a company to ensure they made profit. Nothing wrong but the entitle Wii u fans who though Ubisoft owed them anything. If they really wanna it just exclusive, Nintendo should have signed a contract with them like they did to have Bayonetta 2 locked onto the Wii u. That game is Wii u and Wii u only, and it’s never going to see any other system.

        2. And redeem sins? Ubisoft owed Nintendo nothing dude? Not their fault the Wii u couldn’t even handle a new assassin’s Creed. And all the third party they dropped at the start of the Wii u didn’t sell! Why? Cause the system didn’t sell. I won’t support what doesn’t make me money. That’s why people laugh so hard at the Xbox and Nintendo fans. You guys are both cry what you want but don’t see the business

          1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!)

            I know what Nintendo did wrong but it doesn’t make what Ubisoft did any more right. Go to business school & learn that there are ethics to follow like anything else in life. The “it’s a business & they have to make money” is bullshit if it goes against ethics. That’s like defending a business for using child labor because it’s cheaper & makes them more money. There is such a thing as good & bad business. Ubisoft was doing the latter.

            1. Ethics has nothing to do with the right move for their company and keeping or losing money. If Nintendo felt that Ubisoft did the wrong move, they wouldn’t be in partnership again. And again, if Nintendo wanna that game to be completely exclusive, they should have signed a contract like Bayonetta 2. Sony signed off for SF5 to be only on PC and P4. No change out of that. Same thing Nintendo could have done, being as Nintendo has almost the most money in gaming.

              1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!)

                “Ethics has nothing to do with the right move for their company and keeping or losing money.” Tell that to Enron who used institutionalized, systematic, and creatively planned accounting fraud to sustain themselves. If you honestly believe ethics don’t matter in business, I pray you never run one.

                  1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!)

                    The only thing I’m letting go is this conversation. It’s clear to me you won’t listen no matter how good I explain Ubisoft is as just as much guilty for any wrong doing as Nintendo is. Whether it’s anger towards Nintendo, which I can sympathize with, or just some need to protect Ubisoft or maybe a bit of both, I’m not sure.

                    1. Idk if you read my last comments about watch dogs being a piece of crap along with watch dogs 2 being worst. The fact is that fans of Nintendo want to feel entitled like other companies owe them anything. If you really wanna look at a company who is crap, lets talk about EA. Ubisoft still makes games. EA didn’t even have the fruits and balls to offer a game that was a decent port to games. All games were buggy frame rate issued games, but the Wii U was suppose to be stronger than that ps3 and Xbox 360. Point is to let it go and move on. U sucked and it was not ethics, it was getting on a new ship and leaving the old one

  2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||The Steep weapon is a type B-Indicator that High Command will have a respectable online system…||

  3. Rayman Legends – Oh gosh (-‸ლ) I doubt anyone wants to see this game again after all of the multiplatform releases.

    Just Dance 2017 – Another casual dancing game since the Wii. Nuff said.

    Steep – This is okay, I guess. I’m more curious of the differences between the PS4/Xbox One/PC versions.

    “Sadly there’s no mention of the long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil. ”
    If Nintendo actually gets this an exclusive, I’m going to be dumbfounded and overwhelming impressed.

    1. Everything was not announced at the presentation. There is more Ubisoft announcements at e3. If they told everything now what will they be able to say at e3. Can’t announced what haven’t been announced yet. I didn’t think many games would be announced since these companies look at boards and look at the people complaining about old ports on the Wii U. Yes Steep is out now and will be considered old in Video game time. Not many choices that could have been on the Switch without the old game line. All I can think of at the moment is ME: Andro, For Honor (which would be late since has a Feb. release), Ghost Recon, South Park, and Injustice 2. Not to say these games can’t make it to Switch but would probably be late releases and people would complain especially since these games most likely won’t being developed or having a chance to be developed alongside the Switch.

      1. I actually forgot about E3 so you’re possibly right. However, the Switch releases on March 3rd so you would think Ubisoft would try to get something for launch like For Honor there (I’m not saying that the Switch would be able to run it though). You also mentioned some other big titles there which I’m going to assume have a unlikely chance at a Switch port (excluding South Park) though I hope Ubisoft’s E3 proves me wrong.

  4. Why isn’t this a Legends sequel? That game is what, five years old this year? It’s a really good game, but I’m not buying it again… Get me a sequel ready Ubisoft, only for the switch or not, I’ll get it in a heartbeat. Instead of wasting time on a port…

    1. To help their developers learn the system. Games like these are jumping off games. It’s like that every launch. you have to learn the system before developing games from scratch or while developing games from scratch.

  5. For Wii U, Ubisoft were one of the few 3rd parties to support it, even if it was only the first year, with Ass Creed 3&4, Splinter Cell Blacklist and of course Zombi U. Hopefully, they will release their multiplats on Switch as well.

    1. Watch dogs was delayed and half-assed, Rabbids land wasn’t a AAA title. Sure, I don’t care at all about AC, but I know it matters to a lot of people.

      1. Watch Dogs in general is half ass. The game is just crap no matter what system you play it for. And part 2 is already hitting the clearance bins for 25 dollars around my way.

  6. 2 the people complaining Ubi were the only ones to support the Wii U at launch and beyond!
    They got burned with the Wii U,it’s only right they see how well the Switch launches before saying anything else about the other games they have in the pipeline.
    In case you still don’t understand 3rd party only care about making money.
    Capcom has 1 game a 25 year old Street Fighter,where is the news about them bringing. Monster Hunter game or Resident Evil game to the Switch?
    At least EA is bringing Fifa and NBA 2018 to the Switch.
    Capcom are the ones who should be getting shit from Nintendo fans.
    And so what Ubisoft only bringing Just Dance at launch,Just Dance sold great for them on the Wii and Wii U.
    I ask you,why would developers make a brand new game for a console before seeing how well it does at launch first?
    3rd parties always make new games for Sony and Microsoft launch consoles as combined they sell millions more than just 1 console which gives them more chance of a profit.
    Why u think Nintendo is playing it safe first by only having just 1 new AAA game at launch and then updated versions of Splatoon and Mario Kart until the brand new Mario arrives?
    And to the people bragging MARIO needs to be a launch title, Mario did not save the Wii U like people expected,the biggest selling game on Wii U was Mario Kart selling over 5 million.
    Switch gets the updated Mario a month after Switch launch.
    The hype of Zelda will last until Mario Kart arrives.
    I remember when Wii U got B2 exclusive, yet Majority of Nintendo fans did not even buy it!😂
    Zelda and Mario Kart on the go anywhere is enough to buy this console until the spring and summer line ups appear.

    1. Thanks you for being the voice of reason. I only disagree that Zelda is pushed until Mario kart despite being a port. And Mario kart is pushing until Splatoon is coming out. And Splatoon is pushing until Mario for the holidays.

    2. Mario 3D World, although fun, was not the 3D Mario game anyone wanted. I enjoyed it, but it was no Galaxy, Sunshine, or 64. Odyssey already looks more epic in the one trailer. Not saying it should be a launch title, just stating it already has me more excited than 3D World ever did, and has me even more excited than Zelda. As for nintendo playing it safe, I don’t think that’s the smartest thing to do with a system they need to sell. If this system flops they may never recover their image as a console company. And as with wii u at launch, if nintendo had learned anything, it’s up to them to sell their system first, not third party, and you don’t sell a system by playing it safe and having few first party games. And mario kart deluxe sounds fun, but who really plays 8 anymore? None of my friends do. And unless they offer a discount to 8 owners, I probably won’t be double-dipping, and many others won’t. Switch 1,2 is just wii sports, and them actually trying to charge $50 is laughable. Zelda will hold some people for a while, but not everyone. Some people like playing more than one game at a time.

  7. I’m going to be slightly irked if none of the Tom Clancy game’s make it to Switch. It would just go to show there’s no actual support for the console.

    Steep is interesting. As for Just Dance and Rayman, who cares. They should have old yeller style put them down a long time ago.

      1. Rayman Legends was a great game. But a port is of a 2D game that’s been released on all systems already isn’t gonna help sell a console. I’m not buying that, and probably not MK8 Deluxe either cause I don’t see much reason to rebuy games I already own and aren’t itching to play.

  8. There is nothing bad about this collection of games being provided by ubisoft. Nintendo is going to fight an up hill battle with this console because of the rut that the wii u left them in. Everybody is courteous about this this console, even nintendo (playing it safe by relying on 60% of the games releasing in the next 6 months being casual multi-player party games).

  9. Ubisoft has shown us three games, they tell us that they have games in the works. You guys still get mad, what type of cry babies to we have in this day and age.

    1. Nintendo fans are the ones who believe they are the most entitled of fans. Thus why they cry. People cry Ubisoft doesn’t support or bring out a port or an older game, but when they do it, they cry anywheres. Same shit all the time.

  10. Despite the fact that Ubisoft has supported the Wii U since “day 1” it makes me sad seeing that people are still taking shots at them to this very day.
    Just let your grudges against them go.
    This is a new year after all, and everyone deserves a fresh start.

  11. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!)

    Just Dance: casual bullshit… Rayman Legends: the backstab game of the Wii U… Steep: casual sports game but should attract some games to the console… Nothing here I care for so that just leaves Beyond Good & Evil 2 which is nowhere in sight… E3 can’t get here soon enough for Ubisoft’s sake… Time to redeem yourselves, fellas!

    1. Omega King Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!)

      attract certain gamers to the console…* Fixed.

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