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Many Of The Original Super Smash Bros. amiibo Will Be Re-Released Starting “Later This Year” For $12.99

The official Nintendo Versus Twitter account has some good news for Super Smash Bros. amiibo collectors. Ridley, Inkling and Wolf will arrive on December 7th, the same day as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and they will be priced at $15.99. As for the original Smash amiibo, Nintendo hasn’t forgotten about them. Many of the original Smash amiibo will be re-released starting “later this year”, and they will be $12.99. Here’s the tweet:

20 thoughts on “Many Of The Original Super Smash Bros. amiibo Will Be Re-Released Starting “Later This Year” For $12.99”

  1. perfect now i can get the samus amiibo for samus returns because nintendo’s stupid decision of locking away content

    1. Realistically they should release the ones that were harder to find. Mario, Peach, Link and a bunch of others were all available in massive quantities, it’d be stupid to re-release those.

  2. Hopefully the few I never found (Donkey Kong, Meta Knight, Little Mac, etc.) will get reprinted. Can’t wait for the new figures! 😃

  3. Even though I have every Smash Bros. amiibo, there’s more that I’d like to get a second one of. So this is good news, sort of. The $12.99 and $16.99 prices aren’t good though. I’ve always thought amiibo were over-priced. They should only be $8.99, except for the ones that are bigger. Speaking of bigger, I wish they’d re-release Mega Yarn Yoshi. The price was crazy, but I’ve always been annoyed at not having that one. Same withthe gold Mega Man. Which stores never even got.

    1. Not completely true, stores did get gold Mega Man through the 3DS Legacy Collection, but it was never sold standalone.

      The packaging for it is completely blank, so that might be a factor.

  4. I wonder if this means they won’t be doing new models for returning characters like Mario or Ganondorf or Ness.

    I don’t like how or see why the new amiibo for Inkling and Ridley are more expensive though.

    1. In the case of Ridley, he’s most likely more expensive because he’s bigger than the Bowser & Ganondorf amiibos. As for OoT Ganondorf & Mario with Cappy, I doubt they’ll pass up the chance to make Smash amiibo of them to sell. ESPECIALLY Cappy Mario!

  5. I hope they redistribute the player 2 versions for Corrin and Bayonetta. They’re the last ones I need of the Smash series collection, excluding the ultimate characters of course.

  6. Is Daisy gonna get a Smash amiibo? Seems silly to forget her for this wave, especially since there’s only three. I hope they release those store exclusive costume 2 Amiibo. It was already annoying there was a second variation and then those had to be store exclusives.

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