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Sales Of Little Nightmares Have Now Topped One Million

Bandai Namco and developer Tariser Studios have announced that the sales of their atmospheric adventure title Little Nightmares have topped one million sales worldwide. As you can imagine the developers are incredibly pleased with the game’s success and have provided the following statement.

“We’re very proud that our first original game sold so well, it’s well beyond what we ever expected. Little Nightmares is after all part of an indie game landscape, and the fact that one million players have played our game is wonderful. This achievement is a milestone for both Tarsier Studios and Little Nightmares. To have created an original game that becomes as successful is proof that the new direction for the studio was the right choice, and that feels great.”

– Tarsider Studios CEO Andreas Johnsson


7 thoughts on “Sales Of Little Nightmares Have Now Topped One Million”

      1. Are you serious? The game’s been out for well over a year on other platforms. The Switch install base is a fraction of said other platforms. And Little Nightmares has only been on Switch for a few months. People who wanted the game bought it long ago elsewhere, plus it’s cheaper than on Switch and performs better.

  1. ? Why wouldn’t I be serious when indies have been selling like crazy on the switch. Unless you have actually sales numbers to support your argument, you have no idea.

  2. I guess I’ll have to buy this (physical) game on the PS4 once again. Since they never released the physical version for the Switch here in North America. And I’m not going to pay more than retail price just to import it. I should have bought the PS4 version months ago when it first released, like I was going to.

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