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The Switch Version Of Redout Has Been Rated “E” By The ESRB

It seems that Redout is finally about to be released on the Nintendo Switch. The ESRB has recently given the game an “E” rating. According to the rating summary, “This is a racing game in which players drive futuristic vehicles through magnetic levitation tracks. Players can choose from several vehicle models and tracks to compete in contests of speed”.


8 thoughts on “The Switch Version Of Redout Has Been Rated “E” By The ESRB”

  1. I can’t be the only person who’s noticed that Smash Ultimate has been rated “E-10+” according to the official Smash website, right???

      1. I guess it’s just because they slipped it on there nonchalantly. I frequent the site and just noticed.

        Also, I was predicting a “T” rating, and I found the “E-10+” a little surprising.

      2. Sm4sh for Wii U and 3DS we’re both E10+. Why is it surprising Ultimate got the same?

        I honestly think it’s more surprising that Brawl was rated T since E10+ had been a thing for two years by that point. It’s not like Brawl was any more violent than the Smashes before and after.

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