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Video: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Graphics Comparison Shows Almost No Visual Differences Between Nintendo Switch And Wii U

Nintendo recently announced that a port of New Super Mario Bros. U is in development for Nintendo Switch. Titled New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, the upcoming release is scheduled to launch in January 2019 – more than six years since the original’s debut. However, despite the relatively long period, both versions look virtually identical when it comes to visual appearances. You can check out a graphics comparison between the two to see how they stack up against each other in the video below:

58 thoughts on “Video: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Graphics Comparison Shows Almost No Visual Differences Between Nintendo Switch And Wii U”

    1. I think people at least expected some change to make it look at least a little nicer with the added capability but it seems completely void of any change whatsoever. Overall I think it’s just disappointing that they didn’t even try to be more then “just a Wii U port”.

      1. Hmmmm, yes absolutely no change was made to the graphics of MK8 or Splatoon on Switch. Right.

        All sarcasm aside, if your going to call someone off, at the very least get your facts straight. Splatoon on the Switch was a sequel, not a deluxe version, and with it came a MASSIVE clear as day update to graphics, lighting, environment, and so much more. The other game you mentioned, MK8 Deluxe, WAS a port and it STILL came with graphical improvements. To continue, all other games whom have gotten the same treatment has had slight visual differences at the very least (Take DK Country)

        I have no issues with the Switch’s Deluxe version being left unchanged, but it still doesn’t change that it is disappointing to see Nintendo break tradition and not update the game in the slightest in terms of looks.

      2. yellowwhiner. The difference between MK8 and MK8D is the same as the difference between SMBU and SMBUD. And reallly,.. Nintendo doesnโ€™t care if you have issues with any of their products. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

      3. Right, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was the exact same game without a better resolution and noticeably sharper gameplay, along with running at a constant 1080p@60 FPS docked even with more features like the double item box’s that promotes more chaos.

        In short stop your making a fool of yourself my dude, this is just dumb now xD

    1. Yes, my Switch needs 4k, 1080p is too low of a resolution! Lol, but nah people just want a little bit of difference to make it look nicer. It doesn’t make it a deal breaker for me personally though.

  1. If any of you care, apparently the resolution is better. No actual graphical (lighting, textures, etc) changes though, which is disappointing.

  2. What a waste of resources, holy shit.
    Did anyone actually want a port of this game? Anyone at all?? There’s an endless number of better games they could have chosen to port, but they go with this unneeded shit instead. Absolutely redundant.

    1. +Namie
      Sheesh, the things people moan about are ridiculous. It’s just a port, it’s basically allowing people that never got the original the chance to play it. If you already own this game on Nintendo Wii U then simply don’t buy it and let people that have not playing it enjoy it. Calm your tits man, it’s not like this game is going to slow down Nintendo’s development on actual new games.

      1. Nice, a port of a game that’s part of an oversaturated franchise no one asked for because a lot of people have grown sick of a long time ago, considering we’ve gotten, what, 4 or 5 iterations of it within 6 years? The fact that there’s people who have never gotten the chance to play it before is not a sensible excuse, in my personal opinion, especially if the game in question is one that was released not too long ago.
        And yes, believe it or not, porting games indeed does require resources such as time, money and also workers – all of which could be invested into a million other, actually meaningful, things instead.

  3. Of course there’s no difference, it’s another lazy cash grab. It’ll be $60, meanwhile on Wii U you can buy it for less than $20.

    1. Not quite that cheap; I spent years trying to track down a cheap copy and finally got one for just under $30 on Ebay. If you want it without Luigi U, then $20 is easier to find.

      Of course, if you live in the PAL regions then it’s available as a Selects title, so it’s way cheaper there, but then it wouldn’t be dollars of course.

  4. Canโ€™t really do much more with the art style, which itself is a testament to how a good art style can carry the visuals. That said a resolution bump and better AA is almost a given.

  5. A lazy port of a lazy game in a lazy series made by lazy devs that couldnโ€™t be bothered to make an actual NEW 2D Mario when itโ€™s been 6 years since this one. Pathetic.

  6. The WiiU was a very capable console, look at Criterion and EA’s need for Speed Most Wanted U. It had PC resources to the max. Black Flag as well. Do not forget the beauty that is super Mario 3D world. This is impressive for the forgotten console.


  7. The WiiU version already underutilized the power of its console, so there was no reason to think the Switch version would improve the graphics or performance. This is no Zelda BotW, which really pushed the WiiU to (and sometimes past) its limits, therefore benefiting greatly from the port to the Switch and the extra power it provided.

  8. I wish I had never played the original on Wii U because I actually find the addition of Toadette and Peachette kind of appealing.

    Probably not enough for me to double dip on this though. Least not yet. Would have much preferred a port of 3D World, honestly.

  9. Meh. An original 2D Mario game would have been better than just a re-release of a subpar entry that was the 4th entry in a series of copy/paste jobs. It’s truly sad when Nintendo of all people resort to such tactics as a copy/paste job. Let me know when a 2D Mario game that isn’t a cheap and quick money grab comes along. Til then, I’ll just stick to 3D Mario where they at least try something new with Mario.

    1. In fact, I would have taken Super Mario 3D World even if that game itself was a knockoff of Super Mario 3D Land. Least it was only the second entry in that line where as this game was the 4th entry in it’s line.

      1. if they bring 3D world, which I’m sure they’re gonna do, I would even think about getting it a second time as it was just one of the greatest coop experiences I had in years. So much fun playing through the whole game in coop.

    1. To show people visual differences. Like if Nintendo had updated the visuals or shaders, made it sharper, better lighting, etc etc (Long story short it didn’t, but still a neat little thing)

  10. Why is Nintendo making more ports than sequels. Why didn’t they think of a Super Mario Bros U 2 for Seitxh when they were pittingnthisnport in R&D for Switch? Why didnt they think of bringing Pikmin 1 and 2 to Switch?
    Why was the Wii Eshope the Best and Switch is the worst?

  11. Why hasn’t Ubisoft startedRayman Legends 2? Why are game designers bringing ports to consoles rather than Sequels? Sega is the only company.bringing out sequels every year it seems like.

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