new_super_mario_bros._u_artJapanese video game magazine Famitsu has awarded Wii U launch titles New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land with high marks.

Each of the four reviewers on the magazine’s panel awarded New Super Mario Bros. U with a nine, giving the platformer a 36 out of a possible score of 40.

Three of the reviewers awarded Nintendo Land with a nine, and one gave it an eight, giving the party game a 35 out of 40.



  1. Objection!
    The score for NSMBU is the same as NSMB2
    This is unacceptable to say since it stone throws better than 2
    I demand a retrial!


  2. Seeing other people play NSMBU on youtube has me so hyped for this game. I was originally going to buy LoZ: Skyward Sword, Darksiders II and Ninja Gaiden 3 as my first games but I have to put Mario in there now. Looks so awesome. Leave luck to heaven.


  3. I love the Famitsu rating system.
    Negates all personal opinions, or issues that one reviewer would have to get a fair review.

    Maybe other companies should start doing it *cough* gamespot, ign, gametrailers *cough*


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