Famitsu Awards New Super Mario Bros. U And Nintendo Land With High Marks

new_super_mario_bros._u_artJapanese video game magazine Famitsu has awarded Wii U launch titles New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land with high marks.

Each of the four reviewers on the magazine’s panel awarded New Super Mario Bros. U with a nine, giving the platformer a 36 out of a possible score of 40.

Three of the reviewers awarded Nintendo Land with a nine, and one gave it an eight, giving the party game a 35 out of 40.



  1. Objection!
    The score for NSMBU is the same as NSMB2
    This is unacceptable to say since it stone throws better than 2
    I demand a retrial!


    1. Please also get this young man an English comprehension text book from England. The American comprehension structures are murdering the queens tongue lol.


  2. Seeing other people play NSMBU on youtube has me so hyped for this game. I was originally going to buy LoZ: Skyward Sword, Darksiders II and Ninja Gaiden 3 as my first games but I have to put Mario in there now. Looks so awesome. Leave luck to heaven.


  3. I love the Famitsu rating system.
    Negates all personal opinions, or issues that one reviewer would have to get a fair review.

    Maybe other companies should start doing it *cough* gamespot, ign, gametrailers *cough*


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