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Nintendo Character IP Was Considered For Warriors Orochi 4

Koei Tecmo is no stranger to working alongside Nintendo in recent times as a few of their properties have used Nintendo IP. Those games are Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. The company has revealed that the latest game in the series Warriors Orochi 4 could have featured a Nintendo IP as it was considered, but they ultimately decided against it for the sake of the fans.

Miketendo64: Although Nintendo are not involved with Warriors Orochi 4, given the impressive line-up of Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors characters, did you ever consider asking Nintendo if a character or two from Hyrule and Fire Emblem Warriors could be included?

Masaki Furusawa: Yes, we thought about it. However, as we focused on delving deeply into the DW and SW cast, including an “incomplete” cast of these other games would be disrespectful towards the fans, so we decided not to do so.




    1. That would be just stupid and an insult to the warrior games, a little yellow rat facing other pokemon or legions of humans? Use your head pal that game would never work, Warriors is a samurai game not a crappy game with collecting animals trained by “10yo kids” not 30+ year olds Pokemon warriors, Ha don’t make me laugh!


  1. Probably didn’t want to because those characters would have been exclusive to the Nintendo system. (Maybe as I could be wrong.) Other characters from non-Warriors games that got into the previous game were from multi-platform games, after all, so no one was left out regardless of which version you got.


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