Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya Visited Capcom Dev1 Team Recently

Platinum Games have put out a number of great games covering a variety of genres and have more in the works for various platforms. Platinum Games video game designer and director, Hideki Kamiya, recently caught up with some old friends from Capcom’s Dev1 team and drank and discussed various things. It could have simply been a reunion or alternatively business ideas could have been discussed. Platinum Games is currently developing Bayonetta 3 for the Nintendo Switch platform.

“Went drinking with Capcom’s Takeuchi-san and Hirabayashi… realized we drank for 4 hours, and they’re the ones who treated me. We talked about… profound stuff that I can’t talk about here…”



  1. After they are done with Bayonetta 3 they need to immediately work on W102. But they’re going to rest doing nothing for 7 and a half years like most developers do. Developers of Pikmin, Rayman Legends and Tropical Freeze says “Hi”

    This day in age it is rare for a developer to immediately work on a game right away.
    It’s about time they were working on Luigi’s mansion 3 and Metroid. After they released their next Sequal I’ll be nearly 40.


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