Square Enix Announces It Has Acquired 20 Percent In Bulkhead Interactive And Working On New IP

The team at Square Enix have revealed today via a press release that they have acquired a 20 percent stake in British developer, Bulkhead Interactive. The team at Bulkhead Interactive have previously released and worked on titles such as The Turing Test and Battalion 1994. Square Enix also said they are working on a brand new IP. Here’s quotes from both Square Enix and Bulkhead Interactive.

“I’m really excited that we’re taking this step to deepen our partnership with the team at Bulkhead,” said Square Enix director of indie publishing and Collective program head Phil Elliott. “From the first meeting we had back in 2015 it was clear to me that the team had a great deal of potential, and we’re really looking forward to helping them continue to unlock that in the years to come.”

Bulkhead Interactive CEO Joe Brammer added, “It’s been a great experience working with Phil and the team at Square Enix. They’ve always been supportive, looking out for the interests of us as well as the games we’ve worked on, and this opportunity to build on that relationship is a great next step for the studio as we expand and search for new talent to join our team.”



  1. Just don’t let Square Enix design the websites because they fail hard at making those. One of their sites hasn’t been fixed up in years and it’s one of their main sites.

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