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Sakurai Says That The Line-Up For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s DLC Characters Have Been Decided

You may recall that Masahiro Sakurai recently confirmed that DLC would be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Well, Sakurai has announced earlier today that the line-up of DLC characters have been decided. Sakurai says that Nintendo selected the characters. Sakurai also said that “I decide if we can create a fighter based on their selection, then come up with the plan”.


67 thoughts on “Sakurai Says That The Line-Up For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s DLC Characters Have Been Decided”

  1. Banjo is all that really matters to me now.

    After Parana plant….id be down to see birdo.
    Personally though, i hope all the DLC is third party characters.

  2. Well, since Kat and Anna are no longer an assist trophy, I have hopes for my dream characters!
    Also, for you fans out there, Banjo Kazooie would fit DLC better than being in the main game (just like Cloud).
    My only question is if Spirits are allowed to be made into characters, since everyone imaginable seems to be a Spirit. Viva la Shantae!

  3. If Nintendo decided the characters then I could easily see waluigi being suggested, because let’s face it, that was one of the biggest things to come out of e3. Nintendo probably knows adding waluigi will sell the 25$ fighters past alone

      1. Yes I know, but with a patch you could just remove waluigi and add in someone else from mario tennis to take his place. Or make a “new” character called Super waluigi, with a slightly different design. Kinda like biker wario

  4. My guess is these are mostly third parties that have licensing fees attached. I’d love to see them do a mix of characters you have to pay for and ones that are just random for people who pay online. Or they could even do a second year of DLC.

  5. Prediction: “TIME FOR A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!” Mewtwo reveal-style character models in the Next Direct followed by proper reveal trailers later on.

    Or… not, he said we had to trust our decision on whether or not to recklessly buy a pass not knowing what’s in it. Which everyone who cares about Smash is gonna do anyway even if it’s Sans, Steve, Freddy Fazbear, Bendy, and, the “first and only time we’ll make an exception for the characters having to originating from a video game due to how highly requested they are,” Shrek.

  6. Since Reggie is picking the DLC, that means we’ll finally get a Golden Sun character.

    But then again… Vergeben said that SE rep and Minecraft and Granblue(?) character was already decided a long time ago so idk if I trust this Sakurai leak

    1. Granblue Fantasy character is the strangest choice if it comes to be true. This character appeared only on mobile and there is a game planned for the PS4.

      If this DLC character is true then this is the worst choice. I want character that has appeared on, at least, one Nintendo console. There are several characters that can take their place like
      Shantae (Even if it’s Indie)

  7. Good luck I say for however the DLC Lineup turns out. In regards to stages they should include new stuff for familiar franchises, like a stage from Yoshi’s recent adventure in Yoshi’s Crafted World. In the base stage selection the only franchises with both new and familiar stages are Mario and Zelda.

  8. Starting development on Ultimate’s DLC lineup now in November 2018 could get it all completed before February 2020 judging the time taken. I mean Smash 4’s DLC lineup was completed in February 2016, so whenever all the DLC was decided upon for Smash 4 must not’ve been in November 2014, to the end of 2014 Sakurai himself only mentioned Mewtwo.

  9. I’m really hoping there aren’t many more 3rd party if any with the DLC. Now with piranha plant, I’d rather see more unique Nintendo fighters included.

  10. Crono, Shadow, and Sora are my big three. If Dark Samus wasn’t echoed, I’d have her as #4. (She deserved better than to be a freaking clone of Samus. And if they for some reason bring her back for the continuation of Metroid Prime 4, why the fuck wasn’t she made a DLC character!? It would have been the perfect damn reveal for when Metroid Prime 4 is fully revealed, too.)

    1. I don’t think Shadow will be one of these new fighters unless he was given a completely original moveset and isn’t an echo of Sonic, which isn’t likely. On top of that, he’s an Assist and I’m not sure if they’ll go the route of having a character occupy a spot as both an Assist and as a fighter- though if they did, measures would likely be taken so that said character doesn’t come from an AT if he/she is already in the fight (like how Big Band is in the background of the Lab 8 Stage in Skullgirls unless a player chose him, or, more in line with the topic, Alfonzo replaces Toon Link on Spirit Train if Link is in the fight. I just like mentioning Skullgirls when I can, kay!? ;P) I believe Sakurai said all 5 DLC fighters will have new movesets and will not be echoes, hence the timeframe for releasing them all being between now and February 2020, since I imagine echoes take much less time to make.

    2. Nintendo has pretty much confirmed that they are done with the Phazon arc, and Dark Samus as a result. She probably wonโ€™t be in Prime 4, they just needed to boost Metroid representation to sustain hype for it.

        1. Thatโ€™s what I think: that once again, Nintendo has used the name of a beloved franchise to boost hype for a new game that will be at least somewhat different, if not in terms of gameplay then in terms of story.
          Iโ€™m not pessimistic about Prime 4 but the last time Nintendo used Prime-based hype tactics was Federation Force…

          1. I’m honestly hoping it’s a low-key sequel to Metroid Fusion so as to bring the main series of Metroid into 3D territory, letting us play the game in either 1st person or 3rd person mode by way of an option in settings and it plays the exact same regardless of the viewpoint. Maybe a 3rd option for viewpoint can be called Switch Person Mode where you assign a button to let you switch between the two on the fly. Why Sylux didn’t make his move between the end of MP3 and Fusion would have to be explained, though. With the scan visor hopefully returning, Samus could always come across some Sylux Logs.

            Of course, fans wanting Metroid Dread to still be a thing and for it to be the traditional side scrolling Metroid won’t be pleased if this ends up being that.

  11. Nintendo picked the characters!? Brace yourselves, here come 5 Fire Emblem characters.
    Joking aside, ideally my 5 characters would be:
    1. Geno
    2. Mattew or Felix
    3. Morag (Most likely Rex)
    4. Bandanna Dee
    5. Sora

  12. Banjo, Spyro, Crash, Dante and Waluigi.

    I’ve seen the future, and all 5 of these fine men are included in the special edition Super Smash Bros Ultimate featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series & Knuckles.

  13. Krystal and Waluigi would be my number one choices, but since she’s currently an AT, I will adjust my list as I doubt ATs will be upgraded until next Smash.

    In no particular order:

    1. Geno
    2. Banjo & Kazooie
    3. Rayman
    4. Impa (Hyrule Warriors design)
    5. Sylux

    Eventually I’d like to see some Xenoblade Chronicles X representation in Smash, like Elma, Lynn, or Lao as a fighter with a Skell as a Final Smash. It baffles me that it seems they glossed right over XCX and went straight to XC2 for content in Smash.

  14. I don’t see both Spyro and Dante be in Smash. They aren’t so popular on the Nintendo consoles and give also the fact that the Spyro game is only for PS4 and Xbox one X it doesn’t let me think that this character is requested by many people.

    Crash on the other side can be in Smash and it will be a very important character since most people, me included, wants to see Mario, Sonic and Crash fight together

    Banjo is what I want to see instead of Steve for Minecraft. I don’t hate Steve or Minecraft it’s a great game played with friends or online but give Banjo a chance to come back

      1. It definitely won’t happen, I don’t like the idea of non Ninty home console characters in smash, i hated cloud in it but now as the switch is getting FF games with him in it not so bad … Still don’t like him lol

  15. I want:

    – Ha’anit or Cyrus from octopath traveler,
    -Dana from Y’s VIII
    -Rex and pyra/mythra from X2
    -Ashe/ Balthier from final fantasy XII
    -Sora from kingdom hearts/ Riku as an echo
    -Puyo puyo tetris reps Feli, Arle, Amitie, or Ecolo
    -Octalings as echoes
    -Solaire (his amibo gotta have some use)
    -Shiranui from Amaterasu Okami
    -Hunter from Monster hunter

    What I dont want:

    -more sword wielding fire emblem characters
    -More troll characters like shyguy or goomba or Beequeen
    -slippy toad from starfox
    -Sans from UT
    -Bandana dee

    1. “More troll characters like shyguy or goomba or Beequeen”, Piranha Plant isn’t a troll character at all tho. He’s been in every mario game and every smash game. Sakurai just didnt want to recycle him as another boss. That’s why he’s “free”

  16. lmao, why does everyone keep thinking Steve from minecraft has a chance at getting in the game? He’s a joke character. Realistically, Piranha Plant has been in every mario game and already was a boss in Brawl, Sakurai just wanted to be creative with him instead of recycling him as another Boss for the story mode. Both Sakurai and Nintendo are never going to add joke characters like Steve, or Chorus Kids in, lol. And yall already know Waluigi isn’t gonna be in the game, Nintendo doesn’t want him, end of discussion. But seriously, why does everyone want Banjo & Kazooie so bad? They’re so eh, unexciting as a character.

  17. I would like rayman, shantae, heihachi, banjo, and sora. I’m not buying the season pass because i might get characters like big the cat and tingle.

  18. I’m guessing that Nintendo is gonna put Waluigi in, cuz he’ll sell so well. Maybe that’s why he’s not in, Nintendo wanted to make an extra buck…

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  21. I think some of the fan base has been extremely disrespectful to Masahiro Sakurai when he already went above and beyond to give us more than a true fan could ask for. Even the Smash Bros. series was never about the fans to begin with, and neither is Ultimate. With Nintendo calling the shots now, I hope everyone learns a valuable lesson. If not, shame.

    1. Depends. Are you talking about everyone criticizing the game or just the ones personally attacking Sakurai? It’s not disrespectful to mention legitimate concerns or any faults they see with the game as long as they aren’t insulting him. (I gotta be sure because some people are practically white knighting Sakurai and telling people they can’t voice any concerns or faults as if constructive criticism is just as bad as insulting the man because it’s “disrespectful.”)

      1. What I mean is however many fans that were just too demanding of Sakurai and seeing Ultimate as nothing more than an opportunity and another chance to get their favorite fighters in. Perhaps I’m leaning closer to the ones personally attacking Sakurai, I guess.

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