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3% Of Ubisoft’s Total Sales In The Second Quarter Of 2018-19 Came From The Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft recently published their Q2 2018-19 sales results. In their report, they did a breakdown of revenue based on the various platforms available. According to their data, 3% of their Q2 2018-19 revenue came from the Nintendo Switch. Just Dance 2019 and Starlink: Battle For Atlas were not available at the time, so their sales are not included in this data. A tweet relayed the news, so you can see the full revenue breakdown for yourself down below.

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    1. Is it the fact that you get a digital ship alongside the physical one?
      Is it the exclusive missions?
      Is it the freaking physical Arwing?
      Those are my three guesses.


  1. Well….I guess that’s not a good sign for the futur.The only Ubisoft game I have on my Switch is South Park Fractured but whole,I was tempted by Mario and Rabbids,but I’m crossing my fingers for a more refined sequel with more characters “cough”…Wario… “cough” and fix whatever issues people might have with the game.

    Rayman would do well on Switch,I’d get a new game day one if it’d look good,but I THINK I’ve heard Rayman Legends sold well enough,but not quite tu Ubi’s expectations,so a sequel won’t happen anytime soon,witch is sad because Rayman Origins and Legends are easily two of the best platformers ever made.


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