Rumour: Blind Squirrel Games Working On Remaster Of Three Fighting Games From 90s

A rumour is circulating online that Blind Squirrel Games have been hard at work remastering three iconic fighting games from the 1990s in Unreal Engine 4. The games will make an appearance on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is believed that the game are most likely the original three Mortal Kombat games. It is just a rumour for now, but if we hear any more we shall keep you fully updated. 

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  1. I can hardly wait. This feels like torture. I hope that Blind Squirrel Games release more information shortly. The original three Mortal Kombat games deserve a remake. I hope that this rumor becomes a reality soon.

    1. Blind squirrel sucks,they’re the same developers responsible for the awful wwe 2k18 port on switch.

  2. the only MK i want to play again is that one from n64, so good times. I love these sprites so much, they are realistically funny. The game was violent, but at the same time, not as violent, I mean, the blood looked like ketchup of some sort haha,I don’t know how to explain. Nowadays MK is so realistic and all, I can’t stand that much gore xD

  3. That makes absolutely no sense. Remastering the MK games in UE4 would require assets being built from the ground up, but most of all why would NRS spend money on that instead of MK11? I mean I guess it could happen but I think actual 3d fighters would be more likely

    1. I would assume they kept the same exact assets. Only difference being things like lighting quality and possibly resolution.

      1. Oh right, the 90s. I’m an idiot and it’s exactly as you say.
        Bear in mind though the mechanics already exist, so making assets and translating game logic is all they have to do.

        Iow it’s cheap to make and is sure to fund MK11 rather than take away from it

  4. I hope it IS Mortal Kombat. Those first few Mortal Kombats are some I still have respect for. Those are the games that made me not like Street Fighter anymore. I SO prefer digitized fighters and finishing moves over those exaggerated, cartoony bodies (and no finishing moves at all) of the Street Fighter series.

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