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Wall Street Journal: “Analysts Are Increasingly Believing That Nintendo’s Goal To Sell 20,000,000 Switch Consoles This Fiscal Year Is Realistic”

The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki has just reported on some encouraging news for Nintendo. Last year, the company decided that their goal would be to sell 20.000,000 Switch consoles worldwide by the end of the fiscal year. Well, according to Mochizuki’s report, analysts are increasingly believing that this goal is now realistic. The analysts say that “holiday demand was unexpectedly good”. Previously, many of them had though that this goal “was a long shot”. Mochizuki’s tweet about the news can be seen down below.


    1. I don’t know how it is in Japan or US, but in Norway the fiscal year ends 31. December (makes way more sense in my opinion) but doesn’t Nintendo have until 31. March?

      1. It makes sense in terms of following a calender, but for actual purposes of tracking the profits of a year’s efforts, tracking past the 31st makes a lot of sense as many, many industries are still raking in cash from labor put forth in the previous calender year. People get money for Christmas and turn around and spend it on goods and services. In the case of something like video games, lots of games end up in the Jan-March release window just because they got delayed. The profits from those game sales are much more representative of the previous years’ marketing and development work than the next.

        1. Not saying you’re wrong, but you can still track marketing and sales correlations even if the fiscal year ends at 1. Jan. It’s not like we sit here in Norway and “Sh!t what happened to the after-Christmas sales?” xD
          You got to start and end somewhere, and if you end in the middle of high traffic sales this year, you will do it next year as well.

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