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Shuntaro Furukawa: “The Nintendo Switch Is Seeing The Fastest Home Console Software Sales So Far In Nintendo’s History”

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, a Japanese publication, recently posted a very short interview with Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa. In the interview, Furukawa confirmed that the Switch is the “home console seeing the fastest software sales so far in Nintendo’s history”. Furukawa used Smash Ultimate as an example. The game surpassed 5,000,000 worldwide sales in its first week. However, Furukawa does say that software sales “picked up steam” starting in mid-November, when Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee released. As for smartphones, Furukawa reconfirmed that he sees smartphone gaming as a “pillar of earnings”. The tweets that relayed the news can be read down below.

29 thoughts on “Shuntaro Furukawa: “The Nintendo Switch Is Seeing The Fastest Home Console Software Sales So Far In Nintendo’s History””

  1. But Sony is still Raping Nintendo with over 90 million PS4s sold,2020 is going to be Judgement day with Ps5 dropping ….feel sorry for Nintendo,they stopped making home consoles now because of the Mighty PlayStation they will soon stop making handhelds

    1. ||and the other revisions (3ds xl, 2ds, N3ds and so on) kept selling better than your beloved vita…||

      ||stop fake Shuhei Yoshida, you couldn’t win last time and this time won’t be any different…

  2. Cool for them, I hope that 3rd party games sold well too, with next gen on the horizon and no switch pro announcement in sight, third party support will probably fade rapidly.

    Also I feel like there is something off with furukawa I dont feel him.

    1. They’re really only talking about first party stuff. Third party games are like 90% of the Switch’s library but they only make up like 20% of it’s software sales.

  3. The Wii sold great , that doesn’t mean it was a good console for me as a core gamer. Every woman in my local bar owned a wii and dudes that never played video games in there lives aswel. So far after 2 years the only games I would buy are Zelda and Mario , Mario Kart is fun if your with friends during the weekend other than that I grew tired of it , after one play trough i’m done.

  4. There’s almost 1300 games released or announced for Switch. Yes most of them are indies and some are true shovelware (some of which are good to some people with low price). Over 1000 of those are already released. Pretty good for a system that has been on the market for less than two years.

    If just 5% is to your liking, it would mean 50 games. Maybe you should take a better look at the e-shop. You might find some gems. Many more publishers/developers want their games on Switch because of the massive success. It’s only going to get better from here after somewhat lackluster 2018.

    Second more powerful revision of Switch will come. My guess is during next year. Hopefully it’s capable of running some next gen ports.

      1. Yes they would have to but i think it’s better than starting from scratch again. Some new games would only work with NS2, at least in both tv/handheld modes. Some people would upgrade, some not. Those who would could keep the original library without the need to buy another set of controllers. Nintendo has long term plans for Switch:

        I’m pretty sure they are not going with same hardware for 7, even 10 years with Switch. Mobile technology is progressing fast and quite soon they could bring a lot more powerful Switch to the market at the same price range as the current model.

        WTF N-Dub :D This is second time you totally misunderstand what i am trying to say. I was saying that even some “shovelware” titles can be good at the right price. I have some games on my Switch that fit into the category and some of them are pretty great. Don’t really care if game is indie or not, as long as i enjoy playing it. I had a feeling that nintendroidblog is missing out on some great games because he/she thinks indie games are not worth it.

        Why are you so damn defensive? Why so angry? Console wars is so last season…

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