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Japan: Nintendo Switch Surpasses 7 Million Units

The Nintendo Switch has proved to be a popular console with video gamers in Japan. While smartphone gaming has massively impacted the overall console market, the Nintendo Switch still manages to flourish. Nintendo’s latest system has now shifted an impressive seven million units since it launched in March 2017 and is on track to outsell the life to date sales of the PlayStation 4 in the county.

  • Nintendo Switch: 7.046.766
  • PlayStation 4: 7.735.61


41 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo Switch Surpasses 7 Million Units”

  1. Wow. It seems many Japanese are now more in favor of Nintendo’s “Hybrid” gaming system than its competitors. PS4’s journey of outselling Wii U in Japan took a while but its position being taken over by the Switch like a walk in the park is phenomenal. Of course why wouldn’t the Switch be such a hype and a hit in the market when it gave gamers options that other consoles were not able to. It’s great news for Nintendo.

  2. Every time I hear about Nintendo’s sales numbers, I faintly reminisce on those times before March 2017 where I was told the switch was supposedly gonna be “dead on arrival”

  3. If this rate stick, passing PS4 in 2 or 3 months?
    I know some people like to downplay it by saying Japan is handheld (interestingly, pretty much same people claimed Japan was smartphone country and switch had no chance…).

    1. I’d hardly call the truth downplaying. Anything portable will do better in Japan when compared to something that’s stuck to a wall. It’s just a fact in Japan since their people are almost always on the move. The smartphone comment is stupid regardless of what video game system you are talking about, though. Those tiny ass screens will never replace a big ass screen or a system like the PlayStation or Switch or even Xbox. It’s why big TVs are more common in people’s homes these days than in the 90s & early 2000s. It’s also why movie theaters are still a thing, too.

  4. PS4 will have sold ,over 100 million by the end of the year,the first and last home console from Nintendo to ever do that is the Weak Casual Wii,Switch won’t even sell half of what Wii sold in the end of its life span,every console from Sony Sold Over 80 million

      1. That’s exactly what I knew would happen if a hybrid console ever came out. The Switch gets compared to the consoles or handhelds depending on whether or not its beneficial to the Switch in the context of the conversation.

    1. I wasn’t aware that the PS Vita sold over 80 million units haha
      Just kidding, I know you’re talking about home console sales

    2. Ugh… Don’t remind me of the Wii… I’m hoping those dark days of Nintendo are behind us… As for the Switch, I don’t know if it will hit Wii numbers but it seems poised to at least do 3DS numbers which are in the 60m range. Once it hits that, then I’ll start giving the Switch the benefit of doing PS4 numbers which are at 80m. If it hits that number, then maybe it will have a chance at catching up to Wii.

      Either way, it’s already a successful system even if it doesn’t by some chance catch up to 3DS or PS4 or Wii sales.

    3. I love the taste of your salty flavored tears, Sony pony fanboy. Feed me more!!!! You’re losing the console wars, pre-schooler Submit defeat, you must.

        1. You’re right. The original PlayStation didn’t sell over 80m; it sold over 100m.

          Oh & the PlayStation 1 & PlayStation 2 were actually WEAKER than the N64 & GCN so it’s kind of hard for Sony to take those Nintendo systems & give them more horsepower. As for the PS3 & PS4, there was no way Sony could take the Wii & Wii U (very weak systems compared to PS3 & PS4) & make those systems as powerful as the PS3 & PS4 were. Things have limits & you can’t make an old Nintendo system, like the NES, & make it as powerful as a PS2. Not without changing everything on the inside of the NES, anyway, and by that point, it’s not even an NES anymore but something entirely different.

          On that note, what are you smoking that gave you all of this bullshit intel? I want some!

          1. Rumble pak
            Wiimote was copied
            Gamepad was copied
            Smash bros was copied
            Mario Kart was copied
            4player mode was copied
            Analog stick from N64 was copied
            Gameboy and Gameboy advance was copied.

            1. You were talking about buying the actual Nintendo product & converting them into PlayStation devices which is 100% wrong; you said nothing about copying. Sony built their systems from the ground up just like Nintendo did.

              But let’s talk about the things of Nintendo’s that Sony “copied.” The technology used to develop Nintendo’s rumble paks/feature (haptic feedback) were used by another long before Nintendo did. Plenty of arcade systems in the late 70s & 80s used this technology. As for motion controls, arcades also used this feature in the late 80s.

              As for the analog stick, like the rumble feature & motion controls, Nintendo weren’t the first ones to use them as that was done by others first, too. In fact, analog sticks, aka joysticks, were the thing used to control most games in the 70s & early 80s. Even Nintendo’s D-pad was a copy of someone else’s invention before Nintendo made the Famicom.

              As for Smash & Mario Kart, they are fighting & racing games respectively & others did those genres long before Nintendo did. Same for 4 player mode, aka multiplayer, which was also done by others before Nintendo did it. As for the handheld game consoles known as the Gameboy & Gameboy Advance, in 1979, Milton Bradley released the first true handheld game console called Microvision.

              Some Nintendo fans seem to want to ignore history, not do any research, & pretend all of Nintendo’s stuff is 100% original when that’s just not true to the point of accusing others of copying Nintendo when, in reality, Nintendo copied others’ inventions before they (Nintendo) popularized most of them. Most of Nintendo’s stuff were “copies” of another’s inventions, too. Popularizing something & actually inventing something are two entirely different concepts & Nintendo did most of the former, not the latter. So a lot of Sony’s video game products aren’t truly copying Nintendo but merely copying someone that Nintendo copied first.

                1. *sigh* If you actually read my comment & then did the ACTUAL research, you’d realize Nintendo is just as much of a “copycat” as Sony is; of course neither is truly a copycat as they took something someone else invented & IMPROVED upon it from the ground up with their own alternate methods. Nothing Nintendo has done is truly original. Their innovations came from inventions others created long before Nintendo innovated them.

                1. But if you want to believe the bullshit you spewed & not do any actual research, go ahead. Just don’t be surprised when someone smarter than both of us calls you out for being a biased Nintendo fanboy and maybe even possibly an idiot.

                  1. If I’m a biased Nintendo fan boy where were you when I was saying “why didnt Nintendo just make an all new Donkey Kong and New Super Bros U immediately instead of a rehash?” Where were you when I said “Why when the Project Cafe was in R&D in 2009” did they think making the Wii U slightly more powerful than the PS3 was wise and not thinking of the PS4? Where were you when I said “why is it Nintendo can make Mario Tennis and Marip Party immediately but cant make Metroid and Donkey Kong and Mario Kart immediately?” So how am I biased again?

                  2. Why does a Nintendo developer take 5 to 10 year break after make and release of a game? Yet Microsoft and E&A make games immediately. Call of Duty developers dont take that long of a break. We should be on Pikmin 8 by now. Look how Starfox from Wii U turned out. Really nothing but a face lifted Starfox 64 game. After 22 years of no real new Starfox since Assult? Unlike you I will get on Nintendo’s dumb decisions. If they made games Immediately then Wii U would had had more games around debut. I’m not paying $59.99 for the same game I have on Wii U.

    1. Yeah but it’s being overtaken in about 2 years by the Switch in Japan. Where Sony clears up is the rest of the world where half of the console sales are from people just buying it for FIFA and COD and nothing else.

      1. “where half of the console sales are from people just buying it for FIFA and COD and nothing else.”

        That’s pretty dismissive considering around 80% of software sales on the Switch are Nintendo properties. And that’s an actual statistic and not a generalization.

    2. False data, Sony Pony Fanboy. The Switch reigns supreme in Japan and the United States. You’re losing the fucking war, Dickperia!

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