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Video: New Pokemon Detective Pikachu Teaser

Warner Bros has unleashed a new teaser trailer for the live-action Pokemon movie Pokemon Detective Pikachu which will be available at cinemas on the 10th of May. The latest teaser trailer shows off Mr. Mime and also a number of Bulbasaurs. Take a look at the comedic adventure, below.

25 thoughts on “Video: New Pokemon Detective Pikachu Teaser”

    1. I’m not surprised you like this movie for children. It’s perfect for you.

      Maybe we can go together if your mommy and daddy agrees ?

      1. That was savage.

        Anyway, it’s great that there will be a live action Pokemon movie. I find it weird that our favorite fluffy yellow friend gets to be voice acted by Deadpool. Not really what I had in my mind.

      2. I think you got me confused with yourself. Does your mummy & pappy know you are stalking people on the internet then pretending they are the ones stalking you when they respond to your comments that they never would have responded to if you hadn’t said something to them first?

        I can do this every day with you, bub. If you want to be an immature loser like Church of Sasori & hold a grudge against me a year later, by all means. It’s nice to know I’m on someone’s mind when I’m away. xD

            1. You seem kinda obsessed with me or I hit something hard, because it’s 3 days later and you still cry and send me messages about a Nintendo Direct from last week.

              Poor kid

                1. Oh ok, guess it’s normal for you to complain about Nintendo direct for weeks. Calling others dumb is not an agrument. Like everyone in the world can do that, it’s easy.

        1. Seems like I was right all along you being child. Scrolling down comments everyone who attacks me get’s a like from you. Biased much ? On a vengeance much ? You sure I’m not the one you think about all day ?

          Only children are so obsessed with these likes, lol. Keep liking people who attack me is not an argument.

          You lost bro.

    1. Watch Episode 1 Jap. dub of original Pokemon on Kiss anime and you will never watch this lame ass kid movie.

      Pokemon company just sold a temp. license to some New Yorker who want’s to cash out after Pokemon Go
      showed you can make big money with Pokemon reskins.

      It’s a lame boring save story and totally miss the whole point of Poké in the first place.

  1. Man this movie is looking so good. Much better than I ever thought it would be.

    They really nailed a perfect look for the Pokemon.

    1. Perfect comment proving my point it’s totally isn’t Pokemon at all.

      It’s all about the graphics with these new gen. peasants.

      Not sure why you not buy a PS4 ?

      1. Uh, I fail to see your point.

        For one thing, I own both a Switch and a PS4, so it’s the best of both worlds. Secondly, the reason this Pokemon looks as good as it does is because they nailed a good look for them, making them not look out of place in the live-action world while still retaining a bit of the cartoony flair.

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