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Rumor: Nintendo May Be Working On A VR Labo Kit For The Switch

An interesting rumor has appeared today. Multiple websites have heard from trusted sources that Nintendo may be bringing some virtual-reality content to the Switch in the future. In fact, Nintendo’s first VR-related announcement could come as early as this year. It has also been suggested that the Nintendo Labo “will be the first target of this VR support”. If there are any announcements from Nintendo on the matter, we’ll let you know.

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  1. Well it would be interesting to see this work. The PS4 has more power and vr is still pretty rough on that even with added processing power from a separate component. Interesting indeed

  2. It’s an entirely different level with VR gaming. I’m a bit skeptical of how Switch’s current hardware would handle it. Nonetheless, it would be really cool if something that complex is feasible on Switch. Man, the Switch is becoming more advanced.

    1. I mean they can do Google Dream level VR since that also doesn’t use a magnetometer but that’s assuming the drift isn’t that bad.

      The main problem is that screen. I have one of those headset that you can pop a phone into so I tried watching so I pressed the Switch up to it and watched some 3D stuff on it and it looked better than I expected but the screen door effect was insane. It just really doesn’t have the pixel density for it.

  3. There are a couple of reasons why I don’t think this will work…

    – I think the Switch is to large to take the Google Cardboard route… The FOV might cause this to be a very big piece of Labo
    – While I think the Joycons are perfect for VR play, the Switch doesn’t have enough processing power to handle VR… Except Nintendo intends to focus on low graphics VR experiences… Which can work since Minty are very good at casual games that don’t need much graphics
    -I do not think Nintendo created an API for developers to implement Labo support as they did for Amiibo… That means, the VR support will be sparse at best

    It will be interesting to see how they handle this… If it’s true

  4. What if the VR is NOT the Switch? This could be a third pillar for Nintendo. Or perhaps only a baseless rumor.

    But if Ninty made a system similar to the Oculus Go, they could sell VR gaming for two to three hundred a piece.
    They could call it the Virtual Boy 2.

    On the other hand, there is that leaked blueprint for a Switch holding headset. Perhaps they could be copying Google Cardboard with their own cardboard Labo. I’d buy it if they did.

    1. It’s time people quit thinking the Virtual Boy was VR. The fact the Nintendo 3DS is a true successor to the Virtual Boy makes it pretty clear the Virtual Boy was actually an early attempt at making stereoscopic 3D games.

    2. They definitely won’t be making an Occulus Go equivalent for a similar price. The Occulus Go at $100 less than the Switch is already more powerful than the Switch’s handheld mode and it has a screen that’s 4x the resolution with better motion controls in both the headset and the controller.

      There’s an Occulus Go and HTC Vive in my house and I can tell you that the position tracking of the Vive makes things really natural to use and I can use if for hours while the Go gives me some anxiety and maybe even a little bit of nausea. I think it’s because my brain is interpreting the slight disconnect between my heads rotations registering but not it’s position. However I don’t find that in smart phone VR where the field of view is more limited because that additional disconnect actually helps.

      Also like Ridley pointed out, Virtual Boy wasn’t VR in any way, shape, or form. Motion controls and tracking were always necessary to VR even in a mid-90s definition. The Power Glove WOULD be considered VR controller though since it was a means of using natural movement and position tracking to control a game. Unfortunately, the NES wasn’t the best thing to pair it with.

      1. Oculus Go is not even remotely as powerful as the Switch in handheld mode! The device is designed to play multimedia and is not at all suited for gaming.

      2. It uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 which is less powerful than the Tegra X1 at full clock speed but in handheld mode the Switch is running at a top speed of 384Mhz which makes it a decent bit less powerful than a Snapdragon 820.

        I also have an Oculus Go and there are games for it including Thumper. It even comes with a VR short film called Henry. It has to render at 1440p60. So please keep your uneducated assertions to yourself.

      3. You are uneducated! The clock speed means nothing! The Switch’s CPU clock stays the same and the GPU clock doesn’t need to be at full speed in handheld because the Switch only has a 720p screen. The Oculus Go is made for multimedia AS I ALREADY STATED. so of course it can render video at high resolutions!!! But it can’t hold a candle in terms of gaming performance! SO EVERYTHING STAYS EXACTLY AS I SAID AND YOUR POST WAS COMPLETELY POINTLESS AND UNINFORMED!! Also, the Oculus Go has a battery life of only 2 to 2.5 hours. If it would try to run a game like DOOM (which it couldn’t) it would drain the battery in an hour or so.

      4. Clock speeds do mean something within the same architecture. If the Tegra X1’s GPU at 1Ghz benchmarks about 50% higher than the Snapdragon 820 then underclocking the X1 by 61% will make it benchmark lower than the 820.

        At it’s full clock speed, the four A57 cores in the Switch would be comparable to the 820’s Kryo cores but it’s clocked at half speed which makes them much weaker than the Kryoes.

        Also clock speeds have nothing to do with screen resolution. A fan of the Switch should know that consider there are games running at 720p in the docked mode and that’s when its running at at least twice the speed of handheld mode.

        And who gives a fuck what you already stated. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Yes, the 820 can run Doom at the same or greater resolutions than Switch can in handheld mode. I don’t know how you think one chip is more geared toward gaming than the other. They’re both mass-produced, general purpose SoCs it’s just what you run on them that matters. In fact, the Snapdragon 820 has access to 25.6GB/s bandwidth while the Switch is limited to about 21.3GB/s in handheld mode.

        Of course they wouldn’t port Doom to the Oculus Go because you wouldn’t want to run a game at sub-720p resolutions at 30fps on display that you’re mounting to your head. And the Switch also can’t play certain games for more than 2.5 hours. You’re reaching here. Just look at how long it lasts playing Mario Odyssey and that runs at below 720p.

      5. I have no problem reading a good article but I’m not gonna spend 10 minutes reading some stupid and pointless message. I know more about computers and processors than you could ever imagine and I don’t give a fuck about your opinion and I’m not gonna waste any more time on you. I won’t read any other messages from you so spare your time.

      6. Doesn’t take 10 minutes to read that unless you’re slow lol

        Btw a quick google search of your name shows that we have a lot in common.

        Your name is a reference to the Sith from Star Wars and my email address is a reference to Obi-wan Kenobi. We can both be found watching Computerphile, Zbrush, and DIY LCD panel videos. We can both program and both have interest in electronics. From what I can tell, you may even be into electrical engineering so you’re not a dumb guy, just arrogant, a fanboy, and kind of an asshole.

        What excuse do you have for inferring something as dumb as clock speed and rendering resolution having any bearing on each other? You know what I said was right but it doesn’t paint the Switch in the best light so you can’t help but try to fight it. You know nothing about me and claimed to not even read my post yet you’re positive you know more about computers and processors than I can even imagine? Really sticking to the Sith gimmick aren’t you, Vader?

      7. Spoken like someone with an obvious bias for something, claims a bunch of bullshit, & then ignores someone that gives you plenty of examples about how you are WRONG. Like how an SJW claims everyone that hated The Last Jedi or Ghostbusters 2016 is just a misogynist and a racist instead of doing some actual research to find out they are wrong as most people that hated these movies hate them because of bad story telling, badly written characters, plot holes, or other issues they had with the movie that had ZERO to do with the female lead/s.

  5. Wow another rumor, gonna be honest I don’t see VR being the the future of gaming setups (Vr always seem to feel like a fad to me) however I do see 4k tvs becoming the norm

    1. I have to disagree. The only reason VR isn’t as big as it is is because of it’s price, and it still feels pretty gimmicky to many. But it seems to be doing fairly well with the people that can afford VR and have actually played it.

    2. As somebody who also had very strong feelings against VR and the narrative that it’s the future of gaming, I have to disagree. While where HMDs isn’t the future of gaming, it is indeed A future of gaming and I definitely think that Nintendo should have made strides to put their motion controls on the level of VR.

      Don’t look at VR like it’s intended to become the go-to way that Zelda, Final Fantasy, or Assassin’s Creed games will be played in the future. It excels in certain kinds of games to the extent that some games that are great outside of VR would suck in VR, and some games that would suck outside of VR are great in VR.

      Think of it this way, when we were all first hearing about the Wii and thought that we would be playing a Zelda game where one hand is the sword and the other is a shield, we were essentially expecting VR. Motion controls are part of the higher concept of VR and when orientation tracking is mixed with position tracking, you really do get 1:1 controls without drift. The Wii U also incorporated a lot of VR concepts with some games in WarioWare and Nintendo Land copying VR game design exactly. Asymmetric gameplay is also kind of a staple of local VR multiplayer.

      If Nintendo adopted VR properly, they would already have games that could work with it. The aforementioned Wii U minigames would be stellar in VR. Wii Sports Boxing and Bowling would be excellent in VR. By extension, VR mode in Punch Out could be great, VR Art Academy could be really fun, and a Pikmin game can be made as if you were sitting in a sandbox style level and watching them interact with things around you. From the perspective of VR UIs, if you open up Steam VR, the hub area is a small house environment. Nintendo could have literally just used Miitomo and/or Wara Wara Plaza as that hub world and it would have been great. Better yet, I remember thing that Wara Wara Plaza was a perfect thing to sell themes for, but imagine you could also move around those themes.

  6. I’ve been saying this would be cool for a while. If they manage to pull this off, that would be a whole new level. Is it even possible? We’ll just have to wait and see…

      1. That’s actually exactly what I was thinking about lol but that wouldn’t be the sole cause of motion sickness.

        In my house I have an Oculus Go and HTC Vive,so the former is basically an all-in-one smart phone VR solution with just orientation tracking and the latter is a full VR solution with orientation and position tracking. The Vive actually is lower resolution and has Fresnel lenses that show visible rings yet I never experienced motion sickness with it unless the VR app is moving me itself. The Oculus Go gives me some level of nausea and anxiety though because it fills my field of view but doesn’t track my heads position and my brain is registering the disconnect as a minor dizziness and imbalance. I can compare it to a fear of heights feeling but not as strong.

        Since Switch VR wouldn’t be able to do position tracking either and would have some degree of azimuthal drift on top of that (for the controller and headset), I would have the same issue that I have with the Oculus Go but worse. They can help curb that by limiting field of view though.

  7. Just donโ€™t do that with LABO because itโ€™s made for the younger to play with a real 3-D environment , but it will be cool in a future Switch update to have some VR games, let s not rush the thing tho…

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