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Music: Team Sonic Racing OST – Frozen Junkyard

SEGA has released a new track for Team Sonic Racing which is due out on the Nintendo Switch on the 21st of May. The rockin’ music track is for the Frozen Junkyard racing track and it is composed by Jun Senoue & Tyler Smyth. Take a listen to the fresh music in the video down below!

13 thoughts on “Music: Team Sonic Racing OST – Frozen Junkyard”

      1. Congrats!

        Anyway, that music added in Team Sonic Racing is really beyond amazing!

        Music has always been one of the things I love about Sonic games.

        I can’t help but shake my head while listening to it.

        Hats off to Jun Senoue & Tyler Smyth.

      1. Since Sonic Forces didn’t do that great, I say they’d be foolish to try & sell Infinite as paid DLC. But Sega of Japan hasn’t been known for making great decisions so we’ll see if they go the stupid route & try to make him paid DLC.

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