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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Free Updates Coming Next Few Months, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Trailer

There’s been plenty of news this afternoon regarding the Sword Art Online video games for the Nintendo Switch. The next game in the series Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment has received both a trailer and an April 25th release date for Japan. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is due to be released this spring in both the Americas and Europe.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Deluxe Edition includes all of the paid downloadable content from the previous releases, as well as local wireless four-player multiplayer. Additionally, consecutive attacks and sword skills can be activated with the Joy-Con’s gyro sensors, and Date Mode and Co-Sleeping Mode can be viewed in first-person.


The next piece of news is about Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet which is available now on consoles, with a Nintendo Switch version due in the summer. There will be two free updates for the game. The first will come in the spring and the next is due in the summer. Here’s the features that spring update will bring to Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet (summer update hasn’t been detailed yet)

  • Quest Level 300 “Super High Difficulty Co-Op Dungeon”
  • Klein Gun Gale Online costume
  • Lisbeth Gun Gale Online costume
  • Silica Gun Gale Online costume
  • New original hat
  • Four new weapons
    • Kagemitsu G9 Type-Z
    • Pandemonium Type-Z
    • Long Stroke Type-Z
    • Deneb Kaitos Type-Z

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  1. Edit the article. The game is Hollow Realization not Hollow Fragment. Terrible game journalist this weekend?

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