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Rumour: Persona 5 S For Nintendo Switch Could Be Coming Autumn 2019

The heavily rumoured Persona 5 S seems set to be available to Nintendo Switch consumers this autumn. The news comes from Twitter user @JaridOhya who is the same person who leaked the news that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The user says that the game will be shown off on the Nintendo Switch sometime before May and is scheduled to be released this autumn. Persona 5 R is thought to be a similar version to Person 5 S but it is for Sony’s PlayStation 4, which is one of the platforms the original launched on back in 2016.

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    1. I definitely understand your sentiment of this speculation.

      For years, Sony seem to be the only one that have the mainline games.

      So a Persona game coming to Switch raises a bit of skepticism.

      I’ve heard rumors though that Persona 5 R is said to come to the Switch but it’ll instead take on a different name; hence the Persona 5 S.

      I really want Persona 5 S badly though.

      But then again, only the future knows.


  1. Not sure what to think about this guy’s credibility, seeing how he says Persona 5 S is gonna come out on both Switch and PS4 when it’s pretty much a confirmed fact that the PS4 will be getting a title called Persona 5 R which was teased to be revealed in March, highly speculated for March 23rd, as that’s the date the last part of the P5 anime special will air on. I doubt the PS4 will get two new versions.
    Besides, if I’m not mistaken, it was never officially confirmed the Switch is getting a P5 port, so saying “@JaridOhya […] is the same person who leaked the news that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch” doesn’t seem accurate to me. Those aren’t news, they are rumours, and they will stay as such until the day it’s actually confirmed. Of course I’m not saying a Switch port is completely out of the question, not at all. However, I’m just being realistic and saying things how they stand at this moment.

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  2. This is confusing. Tweet says P5S coming to switch AND ps4. But if its similiar to P5R which is PS4 exclusive what is the point of putting out P5S on ps4 as well?


    1. P5R could be fake as with Star Fox Grand Prix just to throw people off. It’s all up in the air as of right now.


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