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New Animal Crossing Seasons Wallpapers Now Available Featuring Pocket Camp

Spring is just around the corner, and Nintendo is celebrating with a new batch of wallpapers featuring artwork from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. There are a total of four distinct seasons that can be experienced at the campsite in the mobile game; the following pieces of wallpaper showcases all four of them:


6 thoughts on “New Animal Crossing Seasons Wallpapers Now Available Featuring Pocket Camp”

  1. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a post about Animal Crossing, thinking it might be about the new Switch game. But it’s always about Pocket Camp. The way that no info is being revealed about the Switch game, I wouldn’t doubt it releasing in November. Unless they talk about it at E3, and release it in September. And even THAT is still 6 long months away.

    1. Same here.

      Every time I hear any news that of Animal Crossing related, I can’t help but really check it out in hopes that it might have something to do with the Switch version.

      It would be great if the game would come out earlier.

      Anyway, the new wallpapers look refreshing.

      The color choices are lovely.

  2. Yet another instance of being blueballed by MNN. :^(
    One day… we’ll see an Animal Crossing picture on the front page, and the article will actually be about new information on the Switch game. That day will be a very good day.

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