Video: Persona 5 R Has Been Teased For PS4, Nintendo Switch Version Hasn’t Been Mentioned

Persona 5 R is official as Atlus has opened its new teaser website for the game. The only platform mentioned at this point in time is the PlayStation 4, but it could be announced at a later date for the Nintendo Switch. We shall just have to wait and see whether the game will make its way to Nintendo’s latest platform, or stay exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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    1. Too early to tell. You just have to wait until we have a FULL confirmation from ATLUS whether if we see a Persona 5 title for the Switch instead of being another Sony exclusive.

      1. Have you even watched the game awards trailer? It specifically says Smash Bros x Persona 5 so Joker being in Q2 is irrelevant

      2. Yes, I have, and that’s completely meaningless to the conversation. What is that even supposed to tell me?
        Joker’s origin is in Persona 5, PQ2 is a spin-off of Persona and features Joker as one of the playable characters. And you’re saying it yourself, it’s Smash Bros x Persona 5, not Nintendo x Persona 5, so how is that even supposed to be relevant in any way to what we’re saying here?

        Disregarding the fact that Cloud is in Smash Bros too, despite Final Fantasy VII, the game he originally comes from, never being available on Nintendo consoles before. The only times he had made an appearance on Nintendo platforms were in spin-off games. Quite similar to, you’ve guessed it, Joker. At this moment in time, anyway.

      3. How is joker being in Q2 irrelevant? at the end of the day he still a persona 5 character in the game so what that doesn’t negate what namie said like at all.

      4. @Nintendo vs. The World
        I see what you’re saying, but I don’t think the timing is saying much when taking a couple things into consideration, such as the Persona 5 anime having ended not too long ago, the SSB release date happening to be very close to the airing date of the 1-hour special anime episode (where the teaser for P5R was revealed), PQ2 also releasing very close to that date, to give some examples. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Persona 5 coming to the Switch is impossible, by any means. What I’m trying to say is, the way I see it, there neither are signs hinting towards nor against this. To me, it’s still completely up in the air, and nothing that has happened so far makes me believe in it any more or any less.

        I am aware of this. But as you most likely know, Cloud joined the Smash roster years ago, way before the ports were announced, and potentially even planned. In the post of mine you replied to, I specifically said “never being available on Nintendo consoles before ” and “The only times he had made an appearance on Nintendo platforms were in spin-off games.”

      5. Even if its spin offs he did come, ff7. Still came eventually.

        I highly doubt nintendo would just put some character in smash from a series that doesnt have much history…. And one tied to a series that hasnt made more than 2 or 3 appearances on…. Cloud had far more appearances… Even snake

      6. How does that negate anything I’ve said, though? I did say Cloud only had been in spin-off games on Nintendo platforms when he joined SSB. Exactly what’s happening with Joker right now. He did make an appearance in a Nintendo-exclusive spin-off before he’s being released – before he was revealed, even.
        Also, are you really saying Persona is a series that doesn’t have much history?? Haha. That’s funny. I don’t think you’re even remotely aware of how popular Persona/SMT is in Japan. Before you say “but not in the West” (which isn’t really true to begin with either, P5 sold about 2m worldwide, last time I heard), I’ll remind you of the many other available fighters that originate from games that were highly popular only in Japan, or even came from Japan-exclusive games at the time of their inclusion. Or how many people in the West do you think knew much about Roy when he joined SSB? Or Lucas? Maybe even Ness?

    1. They brought Ryu right when Capcom was trying to pramote Street Fighter 5 and we never got that. Instead we got an over priced port of the SNES version

    1. Same here. By the way, according to a youtube video, it seems like a Megaman game is in development. Hopefully it’s from the X series, my favorite Megaman series.

      1. I want it to b a re-development of Legends 3. My fav. series of Megaman. Sucks it was cancelled around 2012 b4 it culd make it to 3DS.

      2. Yes, it was really a shame that it got canceled. Who knows, maybe we’ll get our favorite Megaman game series in the future 😊

      1. Really? I’d need alot more than that lol might as well say kratos is in but the game never on switch lol …

  1. Probably won’t get it because it’ll most likely just be the same game with little new content. Anything storywise I’ll just watch on YouTube.

    But what I really hope we get soon is a western release date for Persona Q2. I’m dying to play that game.

  2. Are Nintendo fan just that notorious for reading to much into shit?

    If it comes to the switch cool color me surprise. But im not holding my breath as the mainline games has always been a ps thing. Y’all would most likely be hella salty if joker in smash is just cause of persona q 2….which features……brace yourself persona 5 characters.

  3. Not that im against this game coming to switch cause would be a cool surprise. But aren’t ya kinda jumping the gun assuming this game is gonna get a switch release just cause jokers in smash? I think people just like setting themselves up for disappointment. The worst part is, if this game doesn’t come out for the switch, ya gonna end up shitting on atlus for something that was never promised in the first place.

    1. After the “grinch leak” of Smash Ultimate and the “retailer leak” of Metroid Prime Trilogy, I ain’t getting my hopes up. I had enough of these fake leaks.

  4. If this game is coming to Switch, I could see Nintendo not wanting it to be revealed til the actual release of the Joker DLC for Smash Ultimate. If the game isn’t due for the other systems til after E3, they might want to show it there as part of their highlight reel or something for their E3 event. If it’s not coming, whatever. Ultimate-ly (har har) doesn’t bother me in the end one way or the other.

  5. We’ll likely get Persona 5 confirmation on Switch when Nintendo is ready to show off actual gameplay footage for Joker.

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