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Capcom: Buy Dragon’s Dogma And They Might Consider Bringing Devil May Cry 5 To Nintendo Switch

Capcom is known to say that if a certain title sells well on the Nintendo Switch they could possibly bring other long-awaited games to the system. ‘The latest comment is that if enough Nintendo Switch owners purchase the upcoming port of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on the Nintendo Switch, the company might consider porting Devil May Cry 5 to the platform. Whether or not this can actually be done is something only Capcom would know.

We started the development of “DMC 5″, while we didn’t have the Dev-kits of the Switch. Because of that we concentrated on the Ps4, Xbox One and Pc-Version.But if ,,Dragon’s Dogma:Dark Arisens” sells well on Switch, then we might consider porting ,,DMC 5″. says Game Director of DMC 5.



  1. One of the best action hack and slash RPGs that will surely give fans of this genre an incredibly amazing combat experience is Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen.

    Devil May Cry 5 is already out and receiving positive reviews from the critics.

    So far, I am with the idea that DMC 5 will succeed in giving players the awesome DMC experience they’re looking for in the fifth installment.

    I definitely want it ported to Switch.

    Plus, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is absolutely a brilliant game, so no need to be on the fence about it.

    Hoping for a Dragon’s Dogma Sequel as well!

    1. I already had dragons dogma for switch pre-ordered. It looks good anyway, but I guess this is more incentive.

    2. “We’ll only MAYBE release this one game for this one platform if you guys buy this game that is nothing like the game we just released” Okay, cool. Fuck you, Capcom

  2. Really sick of this kind of stuff. It’s just a way of trying to squeeze a few extra sales out of an upcoming release.

  3. No, Capcom. You already have titles on the Switch to test out the waters. (Including the upcoming RE ports)

    If you’re gonna make people port beg, at least give them the DMC HD Collection.

    1. “Port begging”? I swear I wish people would stop taking phrases from employees and acting like somebody is doing that.

      Dear faceless internet people = making a petition, requesting, suggesting, retweeting or anything else related to X game getting on Y system is not begging. If I say right now “I want Resident Evil 6 on Switch” how am I begging? This is a suggestion. Not begging.

      1. Nah, that is what this is because Capcom doesn’t care about you asking for the game. They want you to go and buy a completely unrelated game to DMC before they “might” consider giving you DMCV.

        And if you don’t, then you must not want it, apparently. In other words, yes. You need to beg for it. Buy Dragon’s Dogma because you actually want it. Not because Capcom is giving you false promises.

      2. What Hollow said. If they are giving people an ultimatum & telling them they have to buy an unrelated game to get a different game from a different franchise with no connection to the unrelated game, that’s forcing people to beg for a port.

  4. Nice try. I recall Capcom saying they would make another Darkstalkers if people bought the collection. I think it’s too late for Dante to join Smash bros anyway.

    Besides, the only reason I want Dante in Smash bros is because Donte was in PSABR. Capcom has plenty of IPs. But I don’t think we need another Capcom IP in smash bros right now. I only wanted another Capcom IP if we got Akira Yuki, and he’s an assist trophy. I think 2 third party IPs per company is enough.

    And yes, I still count Bayonetta as a Sega IP. She had Sega listed as credit in her Smash 4 DLC profile, she was in Samurai and dragons, and her IP is with the other 3rd party IPs in the Smash Ultimate music sound test. That’s plenty of reasons she’s a Sega character.

    1. This is completely irrelevant to the article you’re commenting on. Who said anything about Smash, or Bayonetta, or even Sega or Platinum for (no pun intended) Crying out loud

    2. I just made a similar comment about how Cacom lied to fans about making Darkstalkers 4 if they bought Darkstalkers 3. Good to see I’m not the only one who never forgets or forgive.

    3. That’s the first thing that came to mind when I read this. Fucken Capcom has jerked us around for too long. I’m still pissed about MML3 too.

  5. I would have thought the Switch being the best selling platform in your two biggest markets – and seeing multiple games outperform the install base might be incentives… Perhaps they could try releasing full games on cart and they might see some success with the growing Nintendo crowd. 50M people by year’s end is going to be hard to ignore.

  6. How about you make a port of DMC5 if you can, and tell the people who like it, if you like DMC5, how about trying Dragons Dogma.
    This style of bargaining doesn’t make any sense to me, and frankly makes me take the people who use it less seriously. Like, this has never been a way of doing things, do you even understand how this is supposed to work?

  7. Don’t do it unless you’re like me and are buying Dragon’s Dogma Switch because you just love the game, but if you’re tempted to buy it just because they say they “MAY” bring Devil May Cry to the Switch then you will be sorely disappointed.
    Capcom is known for using bait lies like this to make sales, they pulled a similar lie with fans who bought DarkStalkers 3 in hopes that Capcom would make a 4th game to that series.
    I love Dragon’s Dogma, in fact it’s literally my top favorite ARPG, but when devs hold a game hostage in order to sell their other games that’s a problem that gamers need to stop falling for.
    Buy it if you actually love DD DA, but don’t buy it in hopes of getting DMC5.

  8. I have dragons dogma pre-ordered and moves like this make me want to cancel my preorder honestly. But I won’t to show support for the devs that worked on this underrated game, hate greedy business tactics like this.

  9. Why to companies keep doing this stupid “If people buy it then we may consider it” and then a month later there’s already footage of it on Switch.
    If you’re already porting it just say it, if you’re not then just go away from the Switch

  10. Crapcom can absolutely go fuck itself with the “waste your money on this game and we miiiiiiiiiiiight just give you the game you actually want” horseshit. I am so tired of hearing that strongarming nonesense

  11. Crapcom can suck it, saying this type of thing in this day and age is unacceptable… Besides, we got Bayo 3 on the way 😜

  12. How about this, Capcom? Bring Devil’s May Cry 5 to Switch and I might consider buying Dragon’s Dogma!

  13. *facepalm* The bullshit of this aside, it’d make more sense if they released the HD remasters of the original 4 DMC games on Switch first & THEN say something like this to people. Kind of like how Nintendo once said if you buy Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash, they might make a new Chibi-Robo game. (Or was that a different franchise Nintendo tried to pull this stunt with?)

  14. Why does Capcom stink in my nose now?

    Dragon’s Dogma is a great game and definitely deserves a buy…
    DMC5 looks awesome with great reviews…

    But why is it that their comments about buying Dragon’s dogma to merit a DMC5 port seem very annoying to me?

    I think with SF2 and Monster Hunter for Switch, Switch owners have done enough to prove that games can sell on the platform…

    I love their games, but this is a fucked up statement… I’m almost tempted to say they should fuck themselves…. But… Those are some darn good games

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