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Mario Tennis Aces Has Been Updated To Version 3.0.0

A new update for Mario Tennis Aces has been released by Nintendo, bringing the game to version 3.0.0. This updates adds a new Ring Shot mode, as well as a new opening movie for Adventure Mode. Also, Yoshi’s Ring Shot has returned, allowing players to be get Blue, Orange and Pink Yoshis. Videos of the cinematic movie, Ring Shot mode and Yoshi’s Ring Shot can be seen down below.



    1. I really hope we get stuff like additional cups along with doubles cups, the star cup is just too easy. Award ceremonies would also be nice, they didn’t add much but I love those small details.

    2. It’s never good when Nintendo starts doing something as shady as releasing an unfinished game that they were directly involved with the development of. I expect it from companies like EA or Square Enix but Nintendo? *dies a little inside*

      1. I really don’t understand why people complain about this.
        I could understand if they were making you pay for all the content that came out after the initial release but they are not, all content for the game is 100% apart of the initial price, even the characters! The same thing happened with Splatoon, despite the fact that Nintendo stated there would be plenty of content after the original game came out, people still complained even though they wouldn’t have to pay anything beyond the base game price.
        It’s not really “shady” when Nintendo isn’t even cashing in on all this post-launch content.

      2. Looking back, I was being a bit unfair to Ninty. Sure I hold them to a higher standard and want them to do better than the rest of the industry, but this is the reality now. In their defense, and in defense of the others that do it, sometimes they just come up with ideas too late & have to add it after release or they just simply run out of time during development.

  1. Yes finally a legit ring shot mode, have been asking for this since day one, all I need now is an item match like the N64 game and this will become my fave mario tennis game. (New Donk City Court and Funky Kong are the only other wishes I have haha)

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