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Persona 5 Scramble (Musou Game) Coming To Nintendo Switch

Well, the Nintendo Switch is finally getting Persona 5 but it’s not quite what owners of the system originally envisioned. Atlus and Koei Tecmo have announced Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and it is a musou title, which means it’s the same genre as game such as Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. Take a first look at the game down below!


  1. Boo. This is poor. There are already a million different musou games on the Switch. Talk about not giving your fans what they want!

    1. This game was probably conceived and worked on long before you even knew you wanted P5 on the Switch

        1. His response to seeing this game being a Musou game was to say “you’re not giving the fans what they want”. The implication with that statement is that P5S should’ve been P5 on the Switch. My point is that before they even wanted P5 on the Switch Atlus and Koei Tecmo began working on this game. They wouldn’t have scrapped this game immediately after hearing that people want P5 on the Switch. That’s just stupid. You don’t have to like this game, but don’t think that this game not existing would have given you P5 on the Switch

  2. Hahaha, I hope this will finally bring an end to people port begging for P5 on Switch.
    That being said, I’ve ever been very interested in Musou games before, but I might actually give this one a try because I just love Persona too much. Definitely gonna look into it, that’s for sure.

    1. I play them all the time and when I saw this, I thought it was a match made in heaven. People can be mad if they want to. More Musou goodness for me!

      1. Haha, agreed. Not gonna lie, it is honestly pretty funny to me how people are getting upset over unfulfilled promises that were never even made in the first place. Atlus never hinted towards a P5 port, ever. If you set your expectations way too high, that’s completely on you.
        But anyway. If I remember correctly, you liked Hyrule Warriors a lot, didn’t you? Never ended up buying that one, but P5S definitely has my interest, can’t wait to see more footage of it. It’s probably gonna be a definite buy for me if my favourite character is playable, hah. Looking forward to more info.

        1. I do! Hyrule Warriors is one of the best too. It’s amazing how much attention to detail they put into it and 200 hours, still collecting costumes and weapons.

          I’m sure they will do good with the roster for this game. All the Phantom Thieves are a given and probably Akechi. Though, I’m gonna flip out if I get to play as some confidants like Takemi.

      2. That honestly sounds pretty fun. I really enjoy collecting costumes and stuff like that in games, so I’m sure I’d have a good time with that, haha. Also love my games to keep me busy for a long while, especially if I like the characters a lot, which most certainly is the case with P5.

        And yep, it is actually Akechi I’m hoping for the most, haha. He IS best boy, after all. But yeah, he was only DLC in the spin-off Rhythm game, so he didn’t get any extra costumes or anything unlike everyone else. Atlus better not play me like that again.
        And I’d definitely love to see confidants that aren’t part of the main cast as well, for sure. Good choice with Takemi too, she’s one of my favourites. :^)

    2. Lol you are right but this still doesn’t mean a P5 port can’t happen… just seems less likely at the moment. Yeah for all those upset with this…as the saying goes… “you played yourselves”. (Me included) 😋

  3. Oh yeah, when I asked for Persona 5 on Switch, this is definitely what I had actually wanted. Thanks Atlus! You really pull through in my time of need.

  4. I’ll be getting 60 US dollars in digital credit ready for this one. I brought hyrule warriors, one piece pirate warriors 3, fire emblem warriors, warriors orochi 4, and dynasty warriors 8.

  5. Ya only got yourselves to blame for being disappointed for setting expectations to high.

    In anycase this seem pretty cool.

  6. What it makes me laugh is people that doesn’t want anymore Joker in Smash just because they didn’t get the game they wanted.

    I hope the next DLC characters are much more interesting because to me Joker isn’t interesting. Just to be more clear on what I’m saying. I’m not saying Joker is bad or useless I’m just saying that Joker to me isn’t an interesting character so don’t start to annoying me with your comments about Joker is relevant or whatever gives him so many attentions.

    1. Agreed, people are way too entilted these days – Also I really hope that we get some Indie representation (Hollow Knight or the other knight in the new Silk Knight game that is coming out would be nice) – Granted I didn’t play it but it’d be iinteresting… Also wouldn’t be against Spyro the Dragon since he’s kinda my childhood :b

      1. Definitely got too many people on the internet (especially Twitter & Facebook) getting upset over other people’s opinions. “What? You don’t like Captain Marvel or The Last Jedi!? You misogynistic pig! How dare you hate women!?” Self-entitled, self-righteous PC assholes! Not to say there aren’t those on the other spectrum attacking those that do like these movies & say nothing about the ones that dislike or hate them. It just seems the PC people are the worst right now considering how much defending there goes on for those two movies alone that I mentioned. *cough*RottenTomatoes*cough*

      2. Then we got the defending of removing sexuality & half naked chicks from Mortal Kombat 11 & Dead or Alive 6, to a lesser degree. Then there is the multitude of people still attacking anime for having fan-service. (So glad I don’t have a Twitter and that I got my Facebook set to private. I do go to articles on these subjects on Facebook from time to time, but I rarely make comments because I just don’t want to deal with the toxicity from either side.)

      3. Then we got the defending of removing s.e.x.uality & half naked chicks from Mortal Kombat 11 & Dead or Alive 6, to a lesser degree. Then there is the multitude of people still attacking anime for having fan-service. (So glad I don’t have a Twitter and that I got my Facebook set to private. I do go to articles on these subjects on Facebook from time to time, but I rarely make comments because I just don’t want to deal with the toxicity from either side.)

        (Had to repost this because WordPress’s stupidity got my comment again. WordPress needs to quit being so sensitive over comments having words like s.e.x, s.e.xuality, or s.c.u.mbag in them. If the other comment gets un-blocked within the next few hours before you see this one, sorry for the double post.)

        1. Dude. This.
          This perfectly sums up why I usually stay away from social networks and other kind of forums that aren’t dedicated to one cause.
          People on the internet just LOVE to whiteknight someone or something.
          They also love to complain about minorities and supressing certain races or genders even though they have all the privileges they want – which is exactly why we sometimes don’t even get white characters in videogames anymore.
          Sometime ago I bought my father World War Z for the PS4 and there are no white characters you can play as so far.
          With that being said: Screw those keyboard warriors

      4. Since it seems like Shantae won’t be playable, the only other indie character I would like is a Touhou rep. Having Touhou music in Smash bros would be awesome.

        1. Never played Touhou – the music is awesome though.
          I for one would also really love a Neptunia character…

    2. I agree. All the other third party companies have their priorities straight, while it seems like Sega (assuming Persona counts as Sega) would put just anyone in Smash bros. Couldn’t Joker wait until we got Akira Yuki? And yes, I know Akira is an assist trophy. I meant what I said.

  7. I was not expecting a Persona Warriors game, I mean the Switch is technically getting Persona 5 just not the actual main game. I do enjoy me some Warriors so I’m definitely buying this.

      1. Nice try but Crash was known to be a timed exclusive from the very beginning.
        Stop reaching and accept it, it’s not gonna happen.

    1. Lol what a totally illogical thing to say.
      You honestly think Atlus would want to miss out on easy money? This game coming to Switch is far from a confirmation of P5 not getting ported. It could go either way from here.

      1. Yea dude, because it’s very logical to intentionally pass up on the most perfect chance they’ll ever get to announce the game while the hype train is still going strong with the launch of the protagonist of the game in ssb, during a big ass 2-day Persona event. But they’re after easy money, amirite.
        This is more of a confirmation than not. Joker joining ssb despite not having a P5 game on Switch was one of the main arguments people would bring up for why the Switch is gonna get a port, but with this game happening even that excuse just went down the drain lmao.
        Mainline Persona games belong on Playstation platforms like SMT games belong on Nintendo platforms. Those are their rightful places and I hope it stays that way forever. If you want a game, buy the system it’s on instead of begging for having it served to your spoiled ass on a silver platter.

      2. @Luna Yea like most ppl are gonna buy a system for a few hundred dollars just for a couple games. That makes sense! *sarcasm*

        1. Actually, that’s EXACTLY what half, if not most, of the video game community end up doing. Luna’s not wrong. Video games are a luxury and sometimes you do end up buying a console for hundreds of dollars and only end up with a handful of games to play. Happened with me with the Wii & Wii U. When a system has hundreds & hundreds of games to choose from, even if you buy 20-60 games, that’s still a handful when you take the entire library of games into account. If the Switch at 300 has 500 games, if you only bought 60 out of that 500, it’s still a small number in comparison to the other 440 you didn’t buy.

      3. Um, yeah, that’s exactly how it works. If you want to play exclusives, buy the system they’re on, as simple as that. Whether or not you agree with that thought is completely irrelevant. Want something? Pay up. That’s one of the most fundamental basics of life, I’m surprised you’ve made it this far seemingly without realizing that.
        Exclusives are what keep the competition going, and competition is what keeps the market going. Don’t like it? Sucks to be you because you’ll be missing out on a lot of good games while you’re busy pathetically begging for ports. If you can’t afford it, that’s unfortunate. But again, that’s life. Video games are a luxury, and a very expensive one at that, so you’ll either accept it or pick a different hobby.

  8. I don’t get all the negative comments… You guys wanted P5S – there you have it – What did you expect tbh? The game is way too old to be ported this late IMO and I also think that Persona 6 might be in development and it may release on the Switch – Who knows?
    Also don’t give me comments like “Skyrim is also on the Switch and it’s older” – Difference is: Skyrim is a much bigger game in playtime perspective

  9. Oh boy! I can’t wait to play as a thousand and one waifus and not two of my most wanted characters!

  10. How dare we ask for a port of one of the best games of this generation! How absurd!

    Nintendo fanboys really arent gaming enthusiasts, whatever doesnt have a red cap or a triforce is not given any credit by them.

    p5 is a gem it is dissapointing that it wont get a bigger audience and get the succes it deserves.

  11. Like my other Musou/Warrior purchases, this will be a PS4 buy if I feel inclined to get it. If the story with this game & the P5 original are not very different, I might just skip P5 & just get this. Not sure, yet.

      1. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, Warriors All-Stars, Samurai Warriors 4 Empires, Spirit of Sanada, and Dragon Quest Heroes I and II. I’m waiting for the inevitable “Ultimate” edition for Warriors Orochi 4 before I buy it which is why that’s not in my list right now.

        1. Ooh nice. An Ultimate Edition definitely is inevitable. I wanted to get Samurai Warriors 4 before getting into WO4, but my PS4 isn’t an option right now thanks to our cat knocking over my cat. So, I said screw it. Switch it is then.

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