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Nintendo President: No Hardware Announcements At E3 2019

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has told investors that the company hasn’t any plans to announce any new hardware at this year’s E3 event which kicks off in Los Angeles in June. Mr. Furukawa also told investors that the company plans to sell 18 million Nintendo Switch consoles this fiscal year and 125 million Nintendo Switch games.


“Other highlights: Nintendo’s CEO said nothing to announced on possible new hardware but it is always developing hardware internally”

– Sam Nussey, Reuters on Twitter



  1. I mean, they’re still riding high on the Switch and it honestly feels like it just came out still. No hardware is fine. As long as they bring the games B)

  2. Iā€™m not too worried about new hardware just yet.
    Just a nice shock game announcement like f Zero and some bayo 3 footage would be nice and some more gameplay of links awakening

    1. If there is nothing on Bayo 3 on e3, I will start planning a heist in to PG studios…

      Holding Hideki Kamiya at gunpoint with a nerf gun.
      Demanding for a helicopter piloted by Hellena Taylor.

  3. Don’t worry about hardware, we need games!!!

    Metroid stuffs! Bayo 3! Zelda things? New DLC, new footage of upcoming games, F-ZERO! Next smash fighter who’s not crap, some N64/GameCube/Wii remasters???, Sadness! Starfox! Astral chain! More Xbox games haha, Mario kart 9???, A FPS from Ninty, Pikmin 4! … I can think of loads more lol

    1. Joker isn”t crap, you just need to stop hating on a character because they came from a game you didn’t play.

      1. Sometimes I don’t want to stand aside with who loves a character and who hates it but this time I want to say my opinion. Joker isn’t a crap character but to me it isn’t a cool character either. I never played Persona 5 and I don’t really like it because it seems more like an anime style game and I’m not huge fan of this type of videogames.

        The reason why Joker got the spotlight it’s because of Japan. Japanese people loves videogames and since this character is made by a Japanese dev studo that this character gets immediatly the spotlight.

        But if I ask who is Joker to the people from where I live I CAN ASSURE YOU that most people doesn’t even know who is Joker, instead they will think about the evil guy from Batman. Also I do agree with some youtubers who pointed out one thing. In Smash 4 the DLC characters were all from Japanese studios. Now in Ultimate we already got 2 characters from western studios but to me it’s not enough. I want to see more western studios characters like Crash Bandicoot or characters that are well knew around the world. I didn’t even know the existence of Joker until the announce of him be in Smash.

        I will write here again. Joker isn’t a crap character but it isn’t a really an interesting character to me

  4. I’m fine with no new Switch hardware announcements (perfectly content with Switch1.0)… it’s the no new classic hardware that grinds my gears. Give us N64 and GC already. You know they’ve got ’em in their back pockets regardless what they say publicly. I skipped on everything post SNES and pre Wii U back in the day (All Hail Sony) so it would be nice to play these games on actual Ninty hardware.

    1. You know what costs less than a Mini console from Nintendo. And actual console from Nintendo ;) The retro scene is huge right now.

      1. Then I have to figure out a way to hook it up to a modern tv and not having it look like crap doing so. ;)

  5. Well, so much for the Switch Mini and Switch Pro rumors. Though it doesn’t mean they won’t really happen. Sometimes Nintendo waits until AFTR E3 to make some announcements. I’m hoping to see more Animal Crossing (Switch) and Luigi’s Mansion 3 in the E3 Direct. And would it kill Nintendo to let us know what’s going on with Pikmin 4? Was it cancelled, or what?

  6. Remember when they revealed the 3DS XL literally the month after E3 and launched it a WEEK later? Yeah, this deconfirms nothing…

  7. This was a good move by the Nintendo president. The Switch has way too much momentum, to be slowed down by people holding on to their wallets. With the PS5 announcement,this allows them to beef up the possible Switch Pro.


    1. Should have outright denied any upgraded or handheld only Switch coming this year or the next. Not everyone is in a rush to get the next big thing and some are very well willing to wait another year to get a Switch if it means they can get a stronger one.

  8. The wording is stupid as this won’t stop some people from holding on to their money for a possible handheld only or upgraded Switch. Should have said “There are no plans for a Switch upgrade or handheld only release for this year or the next.” Instead, we get “no plans to ANNOUNCE at E3 show” & “always developing hardware internally.” For some, this could still mean they are working on these two new Switch systems but won’t announce them til another gaming event in the year. Like the Tokyo Game Show in September, for instance.

    So as others said, this de-confirms nothing for some people.

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