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Platinum Games Says Bayonetta 3 To See “Change In Design Process”

Platinum Games have an exciting year ahead of them and one of the many projects they are working on is a new entry in the Bayonetta series which is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. The team who worked on Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 will be making a change to the design process in Bayonetta 3, which is due sometime in the future. Hopefully we shall see the fruits of Platinum’s labour during the Nintendo E3 Direct next month.

Bayonetta 3 will see a change in design process based on Platinum’s experience creating the first two games, Inaba added, and the firm is midway through creating an unannounced title which he claimed “has never been done before”.

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  1. “Bayonetta 3… is due for release this year” Has this ever actually been confirmed or suggested by Nintendo? (Link if so)

    1. Yeah it sounds like it’s just only halfway done and there seems to be a change about it’s design… I bet Astral Chain this year … Bayonetta next year… if things go well.

      Still I’m wondering what they’re want to change and whatever it is, hopefully it doesn’t hurt the franchise.

    2. They said that Bayonetta is going to release sooner than expected – My prediction is : footage at E3 – Release in September / October alongside Animal Crossing

      1. Astral Chain may hurt it’s chances, but I could see that happening. In my head the most likely scenario is Q1 2020.

  2. changes in design…
    oh my gosh, please no cell shade design or this aweful playmobil look from switch links awakening.

    1. Design process, not design.
      In other words: they likely just changed the way they’re developing the game, not the game itself.

  3. If this game releases this year I will slide down a freezing cold mountain of snow into an ice cold lake full of man eating fish, hands and legs tied together, naked.
    (At night).
    It ain’t gona happen.

  4. I got worried i thought they where changing the artstyle i was praying they dont go realistic. games now a days have no unigue artstyle now everyone wants photo realism… Bayonetta please dont take that route..

    1. Wht do u mean? Stylistic art design, in gaming, has been on the rise for the past 5 years now.
      We aint back in 7th gen where pure realism was the way to go in gaming.

  5. Even if they said design and not design process, I still wouldn’t be worried. Kamiya doesn’t seem the type to listen to the current PC trend. He’s more likely to give these people the finger & immediately block all of them. lol As long as he’s involved & that his word is law, we have nothing to fear.

    1. That’s the first thing that came into my mind when I hear this but yeah at least it’s Kamiya here, the guy’s attitude is like Harada’s(who is also tired of pc culture) but on steroid so I hope he’ll not give into those sjws who don’t even play the game.

    2. And since Nintendo just recently took down the tranny flag stages in SMB, I don’t think they would be pressuring PG with the design process either.
      Though Nintendo was the one who told them to make the Link costume in Bayo 2 more revealing, but that kind of interfering in the process I can stand.

  6. You guys need to learn how to read. “and the firm is midway through creating an unannounced title”…..that’s not referring to Bayonetta 3 because Bayonetta 3 was announced a long time ago. It’s referring to an entirely new game that has NOT BEEN ANNOUNCED YET. So I don’t know where you guys get that Bayonetta 3 is only halfway done.

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