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Capcom: Devil May Cry 1 Nintendo Switch Based On PS4 HD Remaster, No Plans For Rest Of Games

In an email to USGamer, Capcom PR explained a bit more about the upcoming Devil May Cry HD port for the Nintendo Switch system. The action game will only be available via the Nintendo Switch eShop and is based on the PlayStation 4 version found in the Devil May Cry HD collection. The company says it has no plans to release Devil May Cry 2 and Devil May Cry 3 on the Nintendo Switch, which is surprising. Still, they could come eventually as individual releases.

Capcom informed USG via email that the Switch version of Dante’s debut hunt is from the 2018 Devil May Cry HD remaster collection, and there currently aren’t any plans to release other titles from the collection onto the Switch. Capcom wasn’t able to confirm a price for Devil May Cry at this time.

“Capcom is focused on bringing the original Devil May Cry experience for the first time to a Nintendo system,” the company states. “No other titles have been announced.”



  1. Are they going to say “if you want more games, you have to prove it by buying this first” yet another time? Like they said with Street Fighter and Dragon’s Dogma. At least it would be games within the same series this time.

    1. I’m going to pass.
      Their never ending testing waters and extorting is starting to annoy me.
      I probably eventually get the game when its 50% off, unless they pricing this port at 30โ‚ฌ.

      1. Yeah, it’s never enough for them. And when things are digital I can wait with the purchase. It’s not like it will run out of stock like physical games.

    2. I already said it once and I’ll say it again: CAPCOM. EA and Ubisoft don’t see us as players / their audience – They see us as sales numbers and it has to stop.

      1. Add Activision to that and I totally agree. I’ve been complaining about business-practices in all my years, but usually I just get called hater for it or getting the “It’s called capitalism!”. Yeah, I get that companies are out there to maximise profits, not earn it. But they still don’t have to be so abusive and extreme about it.

      2. EA ubisoft and activision don’t see switch users as “live service” material, and I really don’t care.
        Capcom is just being a douche.

    3. The sad thing is you got tons of morons these days defending everything on Facebook, Twitter, & probably other social media sites. It’s one thing if people like something but to go out there & attack anyone for having criticisms & not worshiping the thing they like is asinine. It feels like it got worse after The Last Jedi. We saw shades of it back during Ghostbusters 2016 when people were getting called misogynists for not liking that abomination.

    4. Misogynist, racist, manbaby, hater, troll, etc is what you end up getting called if you dare to criticize something. I think too many people did the tide pod challenge last year. *facepalm*

        1. I remember the days when people attacked others for liking & not liking something equally. Now it seems the ones attacking those for not liking something are in more numbers than the ones attacking people for liking something. I see more people “laughing” at upset fans on Facebook these days than I see people “hating” those that are not upset.

    5. They should of port the hd collection on switch a year ago along with the ps4 and xbox one version i cant believe capcom are doing this to switch owners or maybe their only doing 1 game because switch is for kids so kids can learn about what dmc is all about

      1. It’s one of two things or both:
        1. They know Switch owners buy almost anything because of the handheld factor and they want to milk it.
        2. It’s because a trilogy would take so much space it would reduce consumers with enough space on the console, so they’re opting for a cheaper single game version more people can buy.

  2. Iโ€™m okay with this. Iโ€™m just grateful the series is on a Nintendo system at all. Besides, Iโ€™m sure plenty of people have played the other games by now. #Capcomcandonowrong

  3. why not the trilogy like on other platforms?

    They really want to milk the nintendo fanbase to the last penny this is disrespectful.

  4. They always have. Only time I feel they’re giving us a pass is with Monster Hunter; even though they’re starting to push that as well.

  5. “Oh no, nobody bought this game, that means Nintendo users are not interested in DMC therefore we won’t port any of the other episodes” Capcom, 2019

    Dear idiots at Capcom, nobody will buy this lonely episode because the whole trilogy including DMC3 is literally available on every console and PC of this and even last generation, for probably the same price or even less than the one you’ll drop for DMC1 only.

    Each time I think Capcom got back on track, they decide to knock at my door to tell “nope, we’re still the same”.

  6. No plans for the rest of the games no plans for me to buy capcom you can take yo money and shove it up yo ass im not gonna buy 30 bucks for 1 classic dmc game on switch

  7. Of course theyโ€™ll release the others separately later on. There trying to milk switch owners money, but I donโ€™t think itโ€™s gona work

  8. The whole “testing the waters” thing using old games is so dumb, and hardly represents player interest.

    Reminds me of Miyamoto saying Star Fox 64 3D would help determine if Star Fox should go on. Yeah, a remake of a game that was an early N64 title….good call

  9. I truly believe Capcom has nothing but hatred for Nintendo and Switch owners. Their actions on how they release physical games on the switch goes far beyond just being cheap imo, their RE switch ports were just embarrassing and this is just a spit in the eye, slap to the face, and fart in the mouth of every switch owner who were actually looking forward to DMC HD collection coming to the Switch.
    Remember when Capcom claimed they would consider bring DMC5 to the switch if Dragon’s Dogma sold well on switch? If they are unwilling to port the older HD versions of the DMC games to the Switch completely then we all know damn well there’s no chance in hell Crapcom will get off their lying, cheap asses to port their newer games over.
    Crapcom is a joke and the equivalent to Konami in my eyes as far as Nintendo console releases from Crapcom are concerned.
    I bought DD recently because that’s still a great game, but as far as I’m concerned that will probably be the very last time Crapcom release a something worth while on the switch that isn’t a cheap half-assed effort.

  10. I think some companies are expecting the Switch to slow down at some point and are obviously being cautious about what potentially could just fail. So it makes sense to test the waters, straight up telling people more games will come IF a certain game sells well IS bullshit.

    Suda 51 kinda crap, i love the man but that was a terrible thing to base a future game off of. With DMC weโ€™re talking about a first release on a Ninty console, owned several systems other than Nintendo ones, never had any interest in DMC.

  11. This is why I’m glad I got a damn PS4 so I can avoid this bullshit. Sure Nintendo is partly to blame for always making a system that’s a gen or two behind the others, but this doesn’t absolve Capcom, EA, Ubisoft, etc of some of their bullshit, either. While I utterly hate the Wii U, I still haven’t fully forgiven the 3rd parties for some of the crap they pulled.

  12. Yea not gna buy this, great game but not up for the massive milkage that Capcom is trying to do to switch owners. I hope it doesn’t meet sales expectations, pathetic attempt at taking advantage of the customers.

  13. The choice of the PS4 version kills it. PS3 was the only proper HD remaster. PS4 was just the inferior 360 remaster. This means lost graphical effects and no motion blur.

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