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Blizzard Is “Super-Happy” With How Diablo III Turned Out On The Switch & Says That “Nintendo’s Been A Great Partner”

VentureBeat did an interview with Blizzard Entertainment president J. Allen Brack at a Blizzard event at Irvine, California last week. The interview was posted today, which included some interesting remarks about Nintendo. Brack was asked what it was like for them to work with Nintendo for the Switch version of Diablo III, as well as how it came out. Brack said that “we’re super-happy. Nintendo’s been a great partner. We’re a fan of that platform, a fan of Nintendo, a fan of the Nintendo IP, a fan of the Switch. It’s a really good platform and it’s really fun to play on. Different games have come about that are good experiences. Part of it is Nintendo love, plus thinking that the Diablo experience would be great on that platform. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I loved it”.

As for future collaborations, VentureBeat asked if it was ridiculous to assume that more Nintendo collaborations may be coming. Brack said that “it’s not ridiculous. We’d like to have — we think of it as another platform. It has some unique properties that the Xbox and Sony platforms don’t have. Thinking about what games make sense for that type of console is something we’ll never stop doing”.



  1. I don’t care about any of Blizzard’s games but the more we the better because then more people will buy more Switches.

  2. Too bad blizzard hasn’t been a great company lately specially Activision. Both have been disgusting and disingenuous all for the sake of money. No wonder the ceo of blizzard left.

  3. Perfectly solid port. Just sad that I just cannot get into this game at all. I tried it with a friend who bought it, but seemed like we both are just not the type of gamers for this. But we played it for a fair amount of time and it just runs flawlessly and generally offers a pretty great couch-coop-experience.

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