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Dead By Daylight Coming To Nintendo Switch 24th September

Good news for survival horror fans as the gruesome Dead by Daylight is Nintendo Switch bound on 24th September. The news was confirmed on the Nintendo of America Twitter account. The game has proved to be popular on Twitch, so if your unsure if this game is for you, be sure to watch some live streams to get a feel for the bloody game!

Thanks Bryan Alexis for sending in the news tip!


  1. I smell another lazy port with 20fps and 240p docked, or like Digital Foundry put it “a great achievement”!

    1. Ya never know! It could be the greatest port of all time! That being said… you’re probably right…

    2. Least these guys will have an excuse (to a point) seeing as they are basically an indie developer and don’t have the same resources as guys like Capcom & such. There is a chance they could improve it at a later date, though, since they’ve been updating the game for 3 years straight now.

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