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Rumor: A ResetEra Admin May Have Teased The Next Smash Ultimate DLC Character

It is very likely that we will be getting some Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character news at E3 2019 within the next week. However, exactly who is on the way is still a mystery. Well, thanks to some interesting teases, including one from a ResetEra admin, rumors of Banjo-Kazooie being the game’s next DLC fighter have been circulating the past few days. Most of the teases have come from Exquisite Gaming, a merchandising company that likes to relese merchandise to coincide with new games, such as Sonic, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. Another note-worthy bit of information came from Beanstalk. Beanstalk is a brand extension agency that will be at E3 to talk about video game licensing brands. The agency has represented Microsoft since 2016 through a subsidiary called Tinderbox. Banjo-Kazooie has been listed by a client of the company, along with other Microsoft IPs.

However, the biggest information of all is a tease from shinobi602, an administrator at ResetEra. Shinobi said in a post that it has “been a while since we saw Banjo in anything. Hope weโ€™re in for a smashing good time”. Shinobi has had an accurate past of leaking details for various games. One teaser in particular, the March 2018 reveal of Smash Ultimate, used the same “smashing good time” phrase. Obviously, there is no official confirmation yet, but Banjo-Kazooie fans won’t have to wait long to find out if the rumors are true.

Exquisite Gaming Teases / ResetEra Admin Tease / Beanstalk Banjo-Kazooie Mention


  1. More and more teases are mounting in favor of Banjo-Kazooie.

    PLEASE tell me that if they make it in, their stage has secret convos like Shadow Moses or Palutena’s Temple where Gruntilda mocks fighters in rhymes.

    “That Ganondorf, I’ll tell you so, has massive strength but he’s so slow!”

    “Sonic says that ‘you’re too slow,’ too bad he soars from one strong blow!”

    “Palutena, goddess she may be, can’t cast spells as good as me!”

  2. Banjo’s inclusion makes zero sense. If Nintendo picked the characters and they seriously picked Banjo then why did they not just buy Rare? By adding Banjo NOW, when Wii avatar things, franchises Sakurai never deemed viable, third party characters in general and even Cloud got in they are basically saying they still wanted something Rare had and saying “Ok so we were wrong to sell Rare”. Something a lot of fans at the time gave a backlash about.

    Banjo is too late to me. Regardless of what you N64 die hards think, it isn’t the best system ever. It was flawed in it’s execution and tried to create 3D video games before they were really ready. Rare are not the same anymore and their art and visions (while good for the time) have not held up to modern standards like others have. Just leave Rare buried for goodness sake. Play Nuts and Bolts and then tell me this is right. Go on. Do it.

        1. Wrong. Banjo has history with Nintendo and not a single mainline Persona game has seen a release on an Nintendo console. Persona being iconic makes no difference since the whole point of Smash is being an Nintendo crossover series. Even Final Fantasy had history with Nintendo even though the character they used was from a game that wasn’t on an Nintendo console until very recently.

      1. Since you are clearly too young I’ll have to inform you. Before you were born Nintendo owned 49% of Rare and when the sale happened Nintendo sold Rare. That history ended in failure. That is not history worthy of existing in Smash Bros. Rare suck now. Their shoddy specific control styles and bad cameras don’t work in this day and age and Yooka Laylee proves it.

        Rare’s history is nothing but that. History. They are dead to gamers, dead to Microsoft and more specifically: dead to Nintendo which is why his inclusion makes no sense. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. Rare failed. Also I like how you emphasise “mainline” as if

        1. You are certain Persona 5 will never be on Switch and
        2. You know Joker has games coming out on 3DS and Switch.

        Rare don’t deserve the recognition Smash Bros can give them.

        1. I am 23 years old, so I’m fully aware of Rare’s legacy to Nintendo. The fact that Rareware doesn’t do much nowadays doesn’t change the fact that being important to Nintendo’s history can nail a spot in the roster, otherwise why would we get characters like Duck Hunt, R.O.B., or Mr. Game and Watch? I just don’t understand the logic you are trying to argue with trying to say why nothing in the past matters if we’re able to get characters that haven’t done anything before the N64 was even a thing. I also can’t understand why you would argue that Joker, whose series is almost exclusive to Sony aside from spinoffs, would be a more valid choice than something that used to be iconic than a series who has had established history with Nintendo, and even shared a same universe with Donkey Kong. Pretty much every third party character belongs to a series that was important to Nintendo, and while Persona’s games making it to the Switch would be nice, and it being on the Switch is possible I can agree with that, but thinking it’s more valid than an iconic part of Nintendo’s history? Come on.

          1. I agree with you, the past matters.
            Banjo may not be relevant now, but he was a big icon back in the N64 days.
            If Smash was all about relevance, K. Rool wouldnโ€™t be playable right now, and he is also an old forgotten character created by Rare.

      2. Aside from third party characters Smash Bros has never prioritised dead franchises but since you want to talk about history: why are you ignoring Nintendo sold Rare and severed as many ties as they could from them? The thing about adding Banjo is he is wanted by a group that haven’t moved on and are no doubt the same collective group as those who play Melee. The problem is those people have no intention to stick with Nintendo and continue to insist their favourite old system was better than anything Nintendo currently makes. They want Banjo in because they can’t let go. You point out the N64 but fail to note the end of that history is just as important as acknowledging something.

        In regards to this “Sony property” stuff. Persona is a spin off of SMT. Persona games have existed elsewhere and besides that: Cloud. The whole “Nintendo history” line is just fan made nonsense which increasingly falls apart as time goes on. Sugar coating it with “Final Fantasy has history with Nintendo” is just more straw grasping. There is no real rule to suggest the character’s main game or series has to have had strong association with Nintendo. Capcom’s statement on Dante doesn’t prove Nintendo or Sakurai feel that way about the series. Thats just how Capcom feel.

        Cloud more notably proves your point wrong.

    1. You clearly have a very fucked sense of Nintendo’s history. B-K makes more sense then any rep in the game already from a 3rd party franchise or could be added. That isnt just a form of opinion, that is a fact. People seem to forget the convenient fact that during the N64 era, Banjo (and Conker and Rare IPs in general) were 2nd party franchises and characters. Do ya like Kirby in Smash? How about Pikachu? Shulk? Because they are in the exact same position Banjo-Kazooie was back then. Banjo would have been in Smash, it was only the whole BS with Rare being sold that changed that. Banjo WAS a Nintendo IP, Banjo WAS a Nintendo character. Not 3rd party.

      As for Banjo in Smash now? I honestly dont care, because it would be DLC and that makes any future potential of being able to go back to Ultimate later on and playing as him completely dependent on if Nintendo keeps the ability to DL content for Switch games available after the systems successor is released and if Micro$oft continues to allow it.
      At best, I can cross my fingers for an ULTIMATE edition of Ultimate to be released once the game is fully “finished”, but Nintendo doesn’t seem to have a great track record for doing a whole lot of those kind of releases. If this had been a reveal before the game launched, it would be the greatest reveal ever, now it would just be bitter-sweet.

    2. Makes no sense? You clearly never played Banjo 1 Or 2 when it was in it’s prime. Sakurai almost included them on the 64. Before you type up a novel you should know what you’re talking about… Banjo has been highly requested for years, personally my most requested.

  3. Heck yeah! I always felt like Nintendo underappreciated Rare, and if it wasn’t them Donkey Kong would’ve faded into obscurity by now. Banjo on the N64 was also a very iconic game, I liked it more than Mario 64 personally. Nintendo and Rare were like bread and butter back in the day.

    1. Dude no when was the last time you heard about banjo kazooie as a meme than an actual applause. I feel likes its a game that you buy for nostalgia and put it down after 5 minutes. The End. Its like a lego game fun for like 50 mins then is just… you know all right.

  4. Took ya long enough to upload this ;)

    Hopefully it’s true. I was around when it was posted, but tbh even though the guy has a perfect track record, it’s just a bit vague for me to be sold on it (though it’s pretty obvious what he meant)

  5. I hope this is true. Banjo and Kazooie have a special place in the hearts of a lot of people who grew up with the N64, and it would be amazing to see them back home on Nintendo hardware again even if only for a visit. Also, them being announced for Smash could also come with a remastered version of the originals being announced too. It feels like the time would be right for that sort of thing with how well remasters from that era of gaming are doing right now, and with how well Nintendo and Microsoft are getting along it actually makes a multi-platform Banjo-Kazooie release seem more possible than ever, and could be a great first step to getting something like DK64 remade or continued in the future. All that said, I’m gonna stick with my stance of “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

      1. Iโ€™d really like to see Microsoft port Rare Replay to Switch. Hell, maybe even add Donkey Kong 64, and make a deal with Nintendo to add DK64 into the Xbox One version as DLC too.

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