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Atlus: Newly Updated FAQ Says No Plans To Port Persona 5 Royal To Other Platforms

Sadly it seems that Atlus has no plans to port the recently announced PlayStation 4 title, Persona 5 Royal, to other video games platforms. The news was addressed in the company’s newly updated FAQ page where one of the frequently asked questions was “Will this release on platforms other than the PlayStation 4?” the company’s reply is “There are no plans at present.” So as this has just been updated today it seems very unlikely that Nintendo Switch owners, who do not own a PlayStation 4 system, will get the opportunity to play the extensive JRPG.



    1. The day that developers/studios give a definite answer and not some cryptic shit like “hey, the switch is a very attractive console” when asked about a specific game.

      1. This isn’t cryptic at all. “The Switch is a very attractive console” does not equal “we are porting the game”. People are just that dumb and hears what they want to hear.

  1. I’m skeptical. Could be saving the announcement for Nintendo’s direct. Watch and see.

  2. No… but they probably will release the original version of Persona 5 on Switch… dunno why people don’t see this.

  3. With SMTV on the horizon they can’t announce a main persona game on the switch right now.

  4. Persona Q. Try again if you don’t like that answer there’d always scramble

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