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Playtonic’s New Game Is Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair

Playtonic has unveiled what they have been working on and it is a new Yooka-Laylee game. It is a platformer, like the original, but this time round it is a 2D platformer featuring 3D overworld areas. They’ve certainly mixed things up for sure and it seems like the camera issues of the original will hopefully be eradicated. Have a watch of the Nintendo Switch title below!

Thanks to Luigi for the news tip!

24 thoughts on “Playtonic’s New Game Is Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair”

  1. Haha, at first I was thinking “Oh its neat, but doing a sidescroller seems a little generic.” Then I freaking remembered and realized these are the guys that did the original DKC trilogy and thats what this is essentially going to be. Now I am pretty freaking stoked for it!

    I would love it if the 3rd game tackles the original N64 prototype for Banjo-Kazooie and its style of game play (which the over world sections here kind of remind me of) or do an attempt to do Project Dream’s style for a new game.

    1. Retro already nailed modern 2D DKC. If you wanted something strictly like the original DKC trilogy… Just make a… Uh… Donkey Kong Mania.

      1. Retro Nailed 2d DKC? You serious…all of their games were “temple run” games with no skill involved. Very few checkpoints, uninteresting villians, and crappy mechanics…Retro should quit

    2. Donkey Kong still exists and it’s better than ever! This game looks boring and genereric and like a copy-paste job of other 2D platformers. They should’ve stuck with the Banjo Kazooie formula and improve upon it.

  2. It looks nice. But some of YL’s biggest shortcomings were leveldesign and controls. By bringing everything into 2D, these things have an even higher value, so I hope they understand that this will totally implode should they use the same dynamic as in the 3D game.
    But I generally appreciate the jump into 2D. 3D was just too much for that small team.

  3. Why is it Nintendo couldn’t work on a new Donkey Kong game immediately and they have way more money then Playtonic yet they were able to work on a tittle immediately and that’s why we got another game coming? Nintendo needs to know how to make sequels the moment they release a game.

    1. I’m one of the fools who waited patiently for the Switch version despite hearing about how mediocre it was on the platforms it was already available for.

      One thing that has somehow almost never bothered me in games is camera- I don’t know if it’s due to reflexes or what it is but sudden camera transitions hardly ever mess with me (think of the camera from Sonic Adventure- while it bugged a lot of people I’ve never really been bothered by it.

      What I didn’t like about YL was how… empty the game felt. The opening area of the game and the first few segments of Captial B’s Hideout were fine but when I got to the first book world, it felt too big for its own good. It only got worse from there- the later casino world has so many massive hallways with minimal things to interact with that just running through them feels like a chore. I still haven’t finished the game because the lack of stimulation from its levels keeps me away. Loading times didn’t help either- I feel like I could beat a Cuphead boss by the time they finish.

  4. Really hope that a new (good) Banjo is revealed at E3 and then we can forget about Playtonic. These games don’t look appealing to me at all.

    1. I hope that rumour is true, I’m ready to get out the black and into the blue. I now I am nervous that Gobi could come back and so could that bird in that old backpack.

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