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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch On March 20th, 2020

Animal Crossing’s next entry is on the way, and the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct. Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch on March 20th, 2020. It is a delay, but there was plenty of gameplay showcased. The official tweet is down below.


  1. Finally I been waiting for it and I have to say already showing major improvement from past installments like creating paths, differents abilties, you can place items outside, you have your own yard and much more and the fact that this is just the barrel I’m hype for the customization tho, I don’t get why some people were just complaining saying its not new leaf 2.0 when there the same people that didn’t want it like that

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    1. Aren’t you kinda annoyed about the delay? I can only take Fire Emblem Three Houses as an example.
      It was first revealed to be a working title back in febuary 2017 was announced to be a game for 2018 – at E3 2018 it got delayed to Spring 2019, in the early 2019 direct it was delayed even further into Summer 2019 (July)

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      1. Well I guess that is something, innit? I’m also looking forward to the game, I’m not gonna get it myself but my girlfriend is gonna love it.

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