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Nintendo Shows Zelda Breath Of Wild Sequel For Nintendo Switch

The follow-up to the breathtaking The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was briefly showcased during this afternoon’s Nintendo Direct presentation. The game uses the same gorgeous art-style we all got used to in Breath of the Wild. There was no timeline for release, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get our hands on it.


      1. Hello Starfox we on the same console.

        Wait……..did I just say that? Did I REALLY JUST SAY THAT?

        WIth Sonic and Mario and Luigi and Starfox and Link and Banjo and Ness.

        Spiral.Mountain stage with Starfox Stage. Pinch me I’m dreaming. Just pinch me.

  1. A bit like mp4 in development,BUT there was some footage.
    This has been a pretty good e3 direct for me!

  2. Don’t bash me but I don’t want another open world Zelda, It’s so bland. New fans would love it though.

    1. Dude, I feel the same. I didn’t finish BotW yet because there is TOO MUCH to do…

        1. Not disappointed but held back by it.
          I’m a completionist so a game like BotW which took me 250 hours so far and I’m not even done with it is too much and too long for me.
          I might have to drop the game and even pass up on the next one…

    2. Absolutely not a new fan and adored botw. You have very little idea how this one will actually turn out anyway

    3. I’m not a BOTW fan myself o
      I MESS the puzzles and unlocking stuff. But I the fact it is a sequel revealed 2 years from the 1st is a big message.

    4. Thereโ€™s nothing bland about it. Itโ€™s epic and crammed to the rafters with content.
      Iโ€™ve played every Zelda game when they were supposed to be played ( by that I mean at the time they were released ).
      I struggled with the first 2 as I was a young kid, but every time a new Zelda came along it never disappointed, and I was blown away by OoT.
      And now they changed the formula, but itโ€™s a proper Zelda game at its core.
      Botw is the best yet.
      I would be more than happy to keep the same open world style as botw and throw in some traditional dungeons.
      Canโ€™t wait!

  3. Ganon, Eggman King K Rool, ,Bowser and I should work together as villains and figure out how to take out Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong ,Zelda and Banjo-kazooie.

    Now that we are on the same console and all we have just as much opportunity for future games like anyone else. Hahahahahah

  4. I was hoping for the next 3D Zelda to bring us back to something that’s closer to the classic formula. I have a hard time picturing how they’ll make this sequel different enough from the first one, since they’re presumably reusing the same Hyrule map from BotW. Majora’s Mask did it well enough by creating a new, mysterious and dream-like land, so maybe they’ll do something similar here.

  5. I could be mistaken but I think we’re gonna be getting Ganondorf in the BotW sequel. That’s gonna be awesome, actually, since we already got Ganon in the first BotW. I hope this teaser is a hint that not only will Link be playable but also Zelda as she’ll be traveling with him as a companion since she was featured pretty heavily in it. Maybe we’ll even get some 2-player co-op, too. Oh and I hope they hook Link & Zelda together as a couple, too. Not only because I finally want to see a game where these two are a couple but also to see the naysayers to the coupling whine. lol Seriously, though. Time to break another tradition of Zelda games and finally have Link in a romantic relationship IN the game itself. We got hints of it in Skyward Sword with how close that Link and Zelda were & BotW lightly hinted at a possible relationship, too, with it’s flashbacks and even with Zelda’s diary that you can find in her room at Hyrule Castle in BotW. “Why did Zelda finally awaken her powers in BotW? Because she was wanting to save the man she had come to love as more than a bodyguard or even a friend.”

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