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Banjo Kazooie Coming To Super Smash Bros Ultimate In Autumn

The latest downloadable characters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be Banjo Kazooie and they will be will battling it out on Spiral Mountain! You will be able to download Banjo and Kazooie this Autumn on Nintendo Switch.

46 thoughts on “Banjo Kazooie Coming To Super Smash Bros Ultimate In Autumn”

        1. I’m pretty happy for y’all that wanted him. Too bad I haven’t played his games and really have no idea what he’s like and what to expect :/

            1. Trust me, I really want to try these older games but I really don’t have the time nor the money (germany is really expensive in that regard) to buy and play them :/

                1. Saw the chat, it was actually real clear people were circlejerking on the hype, most havenโ€™t even played Banjo.

                      1. And the best part they killed it was a BOW sequel. They killed it. It wasnt what no one was expecting. And we still have Bayonetta 3 never seen yet. Ohhhhhh I see why Sony wasnt at E3. Damn.

                    1. Bottles welcome back to Nintendo
                      Jinjos welcome back to Nintedo
                      Sprial Mountain welcome back to Nintendo
                      Banjo welcome back to Nintendo
                      Kazooie welcome back to Nintendo
                      And last but the best character off all is Grunty. We are back!

                      1. So his final Smash are the Jinjos. And It looks like Me and Goggle boy are Assist trophies .

                        So Banjo-kazooie shoots bombs as well and has the jump pad in the game. That’s all I see so far. And I cant make out if the Bridge is the stage or the mountain is the stage or is it both? Or two?

                        1. From what I saw, wind blows the characters’ directions from time to time. I think when it lines up with the entrance to Grunty’s Lair, the bridge appears as part of the stage until the wind changes their direction again. If you look closely at the scene with BK, Piranah Plant, Falco, and the Sandbag and crate, you can see it happening.

                          1. I bet Bottles rebuilds the bridge too like he did in the orginal game after learning 6 basic moves. They have me the witch on there but I’m not sure what I do. I think I’m am assist trophy.

                            1. I’m sure you’ve seen it before on another post, but I hope she pops in to mock the fighters in the same fashion she’d interject while exploring her lair in the original game.

                              “In this fight you couldn’t look dumber, unless you are that fat red plumber!”

                              “Now the pink princess fights back, combat skills she doesn’t lack!”

                              “Boxer boy’s a huge threat on the ground, but in the air he’s easy to pound!”

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