Nintendo Switch

Video: Nintendo Minute – our Super Mario Maker 2 levels are live!

At long last, Super Mario Maker 2 is now available worldwide. The game’s launch day also happens to coincide with the Friday timeslot reserved for new episodes of Nintendo Minute. So, Kit and Krysta are back with more of Nintendo’s newest release. They said in the video description that “we hope you’re all creating, playing and discovering everyone’s amazing levels. We also hope that you’ll play ours! The Nintendo Minute maker ID is NG6-WH6-9CG. We’re also so excited to have Chris Slate, the host of Nintendo Power Podcast and resident Super Mario Maker 2 level creation expert on the show. His levels are truly amazing. There’s also a new episode of the podcast where Chris discusses the game with cool people from the Nintendo Treehouse. Let us know what you think and if you gave our levels a try”. Here’s the video:

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