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Europe: DAEMON X MACHINA Orbital Limited Edition Announced

Those who have always dreamed of owning their own armoured robotic suit should be sure to check out the DAEMON X MACHINA Orbital Limited Edition – a boxed edition of DAEMON X MACHINA for Nintendo Switch that is exclusive to Europe and Australia. In addition to a physical copy of the game, the DAEMON X MACHINA Orbital Limited Edition contains an 18cm-tall Arsenal statue, a 100-page artbook, a SteelBook® and a hangar-style box with a compartment in which the Arsenal statue can be displayed.

Discover a world of destructive metal mayhem in DAEMON X MACHINA, an action shooter set to launch for Nintendo Switch on 13th September. Players must take to the battlefield in deadly mechanised battle suits known as Arsenals in order to defend the planet from corrupted AI-controlled robots. Check out the DAEMON X MACHINA – E3 2019 Trailer for a look at the game’s post-apocalyptic setting and the action-packed gameplay that awaits.

The DAEMON X MACHINA Orbital Limited Edition contains exclusive items such as an 18cm Arsenal statue and a 100-page artbook, and will be available in limited quantities in Europe and Australia. DAEMON X MACHINA launches for Nintendo Switch on 13th September and is available for digital pre-purchase now.

Source: Nintendo UK


  1. Looks cool. Nintendo are doing some good special editions this year, in Europe at least

    1. I dont like the switch games special edition. i find the boring… always the same lame thing. okay this one has more stuff but the figure 18cm… why not a little bit bigger?
      . usualy… the game… a steelbook and a artbook.
      breatho of the wild is cool.

    1. Cause we’ve been getting fucked over long enough and want us to have something nice for once :]

      1. Why not just make all the regions have good special editions? There’s no reason for only one region to get a good one

  2. I stopped caring about these special editions on the switch a long time ago.Nintendo of America doesn’t care about US fans which is why they only release base versions of games if we’re lucky to get a physical version at all, codes inside empty boxes, or no US release at all.
    Nintendo is well known for screwing over US gamers and tbh I beginning to move away from Nintendo’s consoles altogether at this point.

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