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Japan: Yo-kai Watch 4 upcoming content detailed

Yo-Kai Watch 4 is now available for purchase in Japan on the Nintendo Switch and the game admittedly looks rather pleasing on the eyes. Level-5, the developers behind the series, have detailed their future plans for upcoming content for the game. This ranges from free updates to teased paid downloadable content. All this is currently scheduled to be released this year in the land of the rising sun.

Early July (Free Update)

Jinpei Jiba and Kage Orochi

By linking the Jinpei Medetai Yo-kai Ark, which is included as a pre-sale bonus with tickets to the Yo-kai Gakuen Y: Neko wa Hero ni Nareru ka movie, Jinpei Jiba will appear in the game. By clearing the quest, you will be able to become friends with Kage Orochi.

Android Yamada

Using the exclusive download code included with the July 13-due August 2019 issue of Monthly CoroCoro Comic, you can become friends with Android Yamada.

■ Early August (Free Update)

  • New map: Battle Raidenryuu, the strongest enemy in the game stronger than even the final boss, at the “Yo-Goku National Sport Hall.”
  • Additional yo-kai will appear one after the other. Sumo-like yo-kai and new yo-kai, too!
  • You can even become friends with Enma and Nurarihyon.

■ 2019 (Paid Downloadable Content)

  • Multiplayer comes to Yo-kai Watch 4! Fight alongside friends and family members in the new battles of Yo-kai Watch 4.
  • Even more additional yo-kai.
  • Various other updates. Look forward to more information.



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