NPD analyst Mat Piscatella revealed the Top 10 best-selling third-party published games on Nintendo hardware

NPD‘s monthly sales report isn’t for a couple of weeks, but NPD analyst Mat Piscatella has some interesting data to show in the meantime. On Twitter, Piscatella put up a chart of the top 10 best-selling third party published games on Nintendo platforms. This data is all-time, going back to when the NPD started tracking physical video gaming sales in 1995, and digital video gaming sales in 2012. However, digital sales are not included in 9 of the 10 games that made it on this chart. Piscatella also said that a game’s sales numbers in this chart apply to all Nintendo platforms. So, if a game released on multiple Nintendo platforms, the sales numbers on each Nintendo platform are added up to give an overall total of units sold.

That said, what games made it on the chart? Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock made the #1 and #2 spot on the chart, respectively. There are 4 Just Dance games that made it on the charts, as well as 2 Mario & Sonic titles. Disney has one title on the list, and that is LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga. you can see Mat Piscatella’s tweets, as well as the chart results, down below.


  1. Mario and Sonic at the olympic games sold more than any Mega man game on Nintendo systems? I don’t want this planet to live anymore.

    1. Actually this npd list started in 1997 so I don’t think mega man 64 did that well

    1. Sonic & Mario are decent games. Had to review some of them for the site I was working for, and I generally had a good time with those games. Not beating Lego Star Wars ofc

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