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Japan: A couple of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 job listings are asking for help with creating dungeons

The official Japanese Nintendo website has a couple of new job listings available, and they’re both for the recently-announced sequel to Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Both of the listings directly mention dungeons. Nintendo is looking for a 3D computer graphics designer to help with the game’s terrain, including field dungeons. Nintendo is also looking for a level designer to “work on the planning and implementation of dungeons in addition to events in-game”. Fans have been debating a lot on the dungeons in the first Breath of The Wild, so we will just have to wait and see what dungeons will be like in the sequel.



  1. Improvements I’d make in BotW2 to make it my perfect Zelda game:
    – Improved Dungeons: There were a ton of little challenges in BotW like Odyssey, but I thought the Divine beast felt too “same-y” for dungeons and lacked the tools that would give you access to new areas that Zelda is so known for.
    I think having it be open world but perhaps having like 8-12 dungeons with like 4 being accessible after tutorial, and then you need one of 2 tools to unlock higher dungeons would be neat, but maybe make it possible to get to those areas anyway if you have enough stamina to climb over some super high walls, that way you still have some degree of freedom. Also each should have a unique theme like Desert, Arctic, Forest, Sea Temple, Temple of Time, etc. You know, all the iconic stuff.

    – Improved Cooking: a lot of more complicated recipes that require artisan goods aren’t any better than normal things. Dishes made of wild ingredients only should have bonuses cap out at like +2, and dishes with artisan goods should max out bonuses of additional ingredients (i.e. Omelet rice + 1 banana = +3 strength). Bonuses from elixirs should also stack with all other bonuses, giving a unique reason to use elixirs over food. Also health boosting food shouldn’t give a default full heal. These would all encourage learning actual recipes as opposed to just throwing random things together in a pot, which is fine early, but shouldn’t scale into late-game.

    – Useful tools to unlock throughout the game via dungeons or sidequests:
    – Hookshot: grapples to any location, not just specific spots
    – Climbing gloves: no slipping in the rain
    – Magic Horse Whistle: can bind up to 4 horses to be called from anywhere in the map nearly instantly
    – Surfboard/Shield lacquer: allows you to surf without shields constantly breaking
    – Portable Cooking Pot

    – Improved armor set bonuses:
    – Full Zora suit lets you move as fast as you could in Majora’s Mask (the original)
    – Full Shekaih set gives you invisibility at night. Attacking breaks invis for 10 seconds or so.

    – Crafting system: there are tons of resources that aren’t used to their fullest, like chuchu jelly and rare gems, which should be useful crafting elemental weapons, arrows, and even powering up your bomb runes to turn them into elemental bombs or just the strength of red barrels.

    – Weapon upgrade and repair system: it’d be great if you could apply elemental effects or additional bonuses to weapons. It’d also be nice if once you found some weapons you were comfortable with using, whenever they break they just turn into a damaged version that you can repair by collecting resources or disassembling other intact/damaged weapons

    – More Unlockable Runes and Rune Upgrades: I was kinda bummed to see the only unlockable runes were at the tutorial aside from some upgrades that made them stronger and a camera function. It’d be very nice if you could get some more interesting upgrades and some more runes later on:
    – Utility Rune, which offers various deployable objects like Large Balloon (usable on yourself as well as objects as sort of an eject button), a Barrel you can hide in (there were a few in BotW, but they weren’t common), deployable sphere boulder (taken directly from the trials, makes bowling with enemies easier and more fun!)
    – Stasis upgrade: unlocks AOE time freeze (works on enemies and objects)
    – Magnet upgrade: unlocks magnet pulse: blasts all metal objects away from you, and disarms metal weapons from weak nearby enemies (anything besides moblins and lynels). Also allows you to blast metal objects you’re holding forward
    – Ice upgrade: unlocks different shapes like a long bridge, wide wall, and jutting spikes

    1. The game needs to include a cookbook, especially if you want to add more recipes. It’d be so much easier to choose from a list of recipes I’ve already acquired based on the ingredients you currently have. No more need to remember what requires what and manually selecting each item.

      1. That was a definite missed opportunity with BotW. Filling up a cookbook is basically collecting recipes & collect-a-thons have been a huge part of the franchise. It’s a shame the only collectibles we really had besides Sheikah orbs for increasing hearts & stamina was the Korok Seeds which eventually no longer had a use once you maxed out your inventory space.

    2. All great improvements. Especially that repair thing. Witcher 3 had it to where you could have your weapons repaired. Of course, it costed money but there is no short supply of that in Zelda.

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