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My Nintendo now offering three different box art covers for Fire Emblem: Three Houses

To celebrate the recent launch of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, My Nintendo is now offering three different box art covers that can be printed out. Each cover resembles one of the houses from the game and displays Dimitri (Blue Lions), Caude (Golden Deer) or Edelgard (Black Eagles) at the forefront. Read on below to learn more about this My Nintendo reward:

Reward available until: 2/1/2020
Redeemable: 1 time
No points are required to receive this reward.
Size: Letter size
Format: PDF

How to receive:

1) Select “Redeem”
2) Select “Download”
3) Print it at Actual Size on letter-sized (8.5×11”) paper. We recommend using Gloss Text-type papers.



  1. The option to buy a box with the art preprinted would be nice for those of us who don’t live near a print shop nor have thousands to spend on a professional quality printer.

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