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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Janemba coming 8th August and Gogeta (SSGSS) soon


Dragon Ball FighterZ fans should be made aware that we finally have a release date for Janemba. The character will be arriving as paid downloadable content on the 8th August, which isn’t too far away. Bandai Namco has also stated that Gogeta (SSGSS) will be available soon too though a date has yet to be finalised.



3 thoughts on “Dragon Ball FighterZ: Janemba coming 8th August and Gogeta (SSGSS) soon”

  1. Where be my canonized Janemba? Honestly, he doesn’t have to even get his own movie as he can be a side character. Or he could get the Thanos treatment and be given little cameos here & there til he finally shows up on the scene to fuck everyone up. lol *sigh* One can dream.

    1. Why don’t we canonize Android 13 and Bojack too while we’re at it. I know, those two aren’t essential. I just like the idea of Broly, 13, Janemba, Bojack, and a fifth villain being a team of movie/non-canon villains. I think it’s about time I grew out of that dream, just like I should grow out of the dream of a proper fusion of Adult Gohan (present timeline) and Future Trunks, or Chi-chi and Bulma becoming essential playable characters in Dragonball games.

      1. Who from the movies gets canonized will ultimately depend on how popular they are. With Broly being the most popular, it makes sense that he gets canonized first. I want to say Cooler is the second most popular so I expect to get a canon version of him sooner or later. As for the rest, I’m not sure where they fall on the popularity scale.

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