Nintendo Switch

Revised Nintendo Switch units out in Australia and Hong Kong

Nintendo recently stated that they had revised the Nintendo Switch system. The only change is that the new model features better battery life than the original. It’s not marked as such so the only way to know is if you received one is the via the box. Its now red and features the Switch system at a slightly different angle. It must be stated these are only available in Australia and Hong Kong right now but they will be found throughout the world very soon.




    1. Did you not realize they announced the Switch Lite as well o3o if you mean you want to buy a normal switch with out the dock and accessories as a secondary switch, they do that as well in Japan and on their Online store.


  1. Not sure if I prefer the original box design or this redesign. The article says this redesign will become the norm for the rest of the world soon. I guess it doesn’t really matter for me since I already got a Switch. *shrug* This redesign does match the more basic design of the Switch’s UI, though.


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