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Video: Nintendo Minute make some Nintendo-themed back to school DIYs

School is back, and so is Kit and Krysta. This week’s episode of Nintendo Minute gets creative to mark the occasion. The pair said in the video description that “yes, it’s that time of year again. Time for some of you (not us) to go back to school. We’re so excited to have the talented GandaKris with us to teach us how to make some super cool Nintendo-themed DIYs to dress up your school supplies”. Here’s an official tweet that includes the video:

3 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Minute make some Nintendo-themed back to school DIYs”

  1. My kids have still got nigh on a month left before they go back.
    Man, I’d love to go back to school. ( easy days )

  2. Some schools don’t allow bob-omb imagery =b I’m not joking by the way. The school system i was in back in California would punish children for the stupidest reasons. One teacher theaten to send me and many other kids to the principal office for having a picture of guns in our power point projects….. the project subject was the bill of rights.

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