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Nintendo Presents showcase features The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition

As part of its gamescom 2019 activities, Nintendo of Europe featured a number of games heading to Nintendo Switch later this year. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition is one of those titles, and it was the core focus in the publisher’s Nintendo Presents showcase at the expo. Among the highlighted topics include the game’s open world, combat and characters. You can learn all about them by watching the embedded video below:

5 thoughts on “Nintendo Presents showcase features The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition”

    1. And I’ve been saying since Wii U, any game can be ported, if the right compromises are made and the effort is there.

      1. don’t completely agree on that. I mean technically that might be possible but as much as I tend to think now “take that, titanfall 2 developer-bitch who dared to laugh about the idea to port it over to Switch” I gotta say that a game like Titanfall 2 might not really be the same when ported to Switch. To make sense in MP, it would have to be downgraded to a point, where it wouldn’t fullfill the selling point of the game anymore as its visual presentation might just still be a factor for its audience. This can be said about a lot of games like Red Dead Redemption 2. Of course its a different question what this tells us about these games, but still stuff like RDR2 is mainly about creating a convincing environment more like a simulator and just making it run on the Switch because its possible would end up in peopel buying it on the system they know will deliver the best visual experience.
        That being said, this all tells me how promising Witcher 3 really is. I never played it and I’m gonna buy it Day1. Back in the days it was said to look so amazing and that’s why you have to play it. Now it’s like the visuals look good enough and people are still excited. It kinda shows me that there might be enough gameplay and story to ignore the blurryness. Something that just couldn’t work out in a game like RDR2.
        But sure, I basically understood what you mean, I just think it’s OK that there are games that do rely on their goal to get the most out of a PS4 and wouldn’t work when downgraded. If Witcher 3 is good enogh to also be fun on a Wii, then this really speaks for the game. But there aren’t only Witcher and Zelda games out there and I believe that’s also OK.

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