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The Studio Behind The Witcher 3 Says Nintendo’s NX Will Be “Fantastic” And “Spectacular”

Update: Seems he was just joking and pretended he knew more about the NX than he did.

CD Projekt RED seems to be pretty excited for Nintendo’s upcoming gaming system. According to the developer behind the critically-acclaimed 2015 title The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, “fantastic” and “spectacular” are appropriate terms to describe the NX. The studio’s communications manager, Fabian Mario Döehla, says that all of the NX feedback he’s heard from developers so far has been positive. Let’s hope this means CD Projekt has some NX projects in the works.

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37 thoughts on “The Studio Behind The Witcher 3 Says Nintendo’s NX Will Be “Fantastic” And “Spectacular””

      1. it isn’t false rumours

        He DID say that

        The fact that he later says it was a joke is very different

        Also, other devs were there, and they all give the NX a good review, which makes this argument valid

      2. Or maybe you should “fact check” and research the source of information before jumping to conclusions. This is a blog, not a reputable source of information – this blog is about getting hits via stirring up the community.

    1. Well CD Projekt Red are a development studio who likes to be brutally honest.
      They said in the past that the Xbox One and PS4 were weak and that the Witcher 3 game had to be downgraded and took them a long time to optimize the game.
      When the Wii U was announced, they never actually jump on the “Oh yes, we have games for the Wii U” bandwagon, instead they looked into the console first before making their decision not to develop for the platform.

      So, the fact that they say the NX is “Fantastic” and “Spectacular” really means a lot and could mean that the NX is going to be very beastly compared to the PS4 and Xbox One.

      1. im not upset that they didn’t develop games for wii u because they were honest that they weren’t, im upset for some other devs who said games coming to wii u decided to cancel them. we need more devs like cd projekt red.

  1. This is extremely encouraging coming from them. I doubt it would mean a Witcher 3 port, but anything from them in the future would be well embraced.

      1. That’s saving grace. Look guys let us be honest here so as to not avoid potential disappointments. The console has a new gimmick. That is here or there as to whether it will be a good one. The console will likely be in a similar ballpark or worse than an Xbox One. It is highly unlikely given how Nintendo are pulling out the usual “it’s not about the specs” comments that it will be anymore than that. Now admitedly the kind of stylised games Nintendo makes will look very pretty on a system with that much power. The problem as usual will be third party support as third parties will already have to support 4 consoles, they are not going to be happy if NX is underpowering an Xbox One.

  2. they said at e3, they care about content and not specs… but content needs specs for 3rd party companies… I hope they havent forgot that in their research.

    Its a nice feedback from cdprojekt

    1. The argument is the usual translation: Our console is doing is underpowered but we don’t care because you can only buy Nintendo games here. The problem is Nintendo doesn’t make enough games to justify the cost of the system. And by making it completely impractical for third parties. You are literally asking people to solely play the few Nintendo games that come out, to ignore the Nintendo console alltogether or to willingly invest money in more than one device to play games. Now that is not a problem for the hardcore gamer. But a casual gamer or someone who doesn’t have a lot of money is going to take issue with this.

  3. Well… I’m from Poland (as well as CD Projekt RED) and in Poland there is NO NINTENDO AT ALL. You can’t even buy a WiiU in here, you have to import it from other countries (like I did). I basically doubt that they will release a game on a system, that their own nationality won’t be able to play (beside me and few other hardcore Nintendo fans… but as far as i know, only about 200 people in Poland own a WiiU). Other than that CD Projekt RED likes to release games in polish language and there isn’t any Nintendo product that supports this language :/

    Unless Nintendo acknowledges the existence of Poland there will be no CD Projekt games for NX.

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  5. I hate this kind of jokes. First, because they don’t take Nintendo seriously :(, and second, because it makes me feel they really know more than we do about NX, and it is not spectacular at all :'(… Developers should be in a position of supporting better every console, because without them they wouldn’t exist. They really drive consoles sales, they have consoles fates in their hands :(.

    1. Of course they do. If you follow similar Nintendo patterns and behaviors you will realise Nintendo feels their only mistake with the Wii U is that they didn’t make a successful gimmick for it like the Wii. They don’t acknowledge that the Wii was mostly used to play virtual tennis and then left to collect dust. Or perhaps they don’t care. That tells you they just want to launch a console that costs 50-80 dollars to make and sell it for 200-300. Which means Nintendo fanbase and anyone who might want to consider the console as an alternative to Xbox or PS are going to get shafted.

      1. Basically what I’m saying really this console should be launching before Neo and Scorpio and really this console should make Xbox One and PS4 look inferior to it for it to be successful. The bottom of a 5 console pile is the last place Nintendo should be looking to be and unfortunately that is probably where it is going to be.

  6. The criticism for Doehla is totally out of proportion. He was guest in a livestream from media friends of his, starting the stream with gifting them a Gwent canvas bag saying: “Here, I brought you a Skyrim bag!”. And so it goes on and on with the jokes. Every person taking something out of that stream and posting it as confirmed news is quite frankly looking for attention and deliberately trying to reframe the whole statement.

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