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Video: Teens React To Bayonetta 2

One of the best games on the Wii U is without a doubt Bayonetta 2 so it makes sense for those people over at Teens React to see what the all-important teenage market think of the game. No doubt you’re desperate to see what they make of Platinum Games fast paced action title so check out the video below for plenty of cringe worthy moments.


29 thoughts on “Video: Teens React To Bayonetta 2”

  1. “The game was stupid overall” 😒
    This as a amazing game but hey to each their own.

    Its sad Nintendo has that 4kids image. He couldn’t believe it was a Nintendo game because the language. ….

  2. *Bayonetta gets her dress ripped
    Reaction: duh, everything is so sexual. Why do they always makes things so sexual?! Must be to attract male gamers herp derp

    LIKE REALLY?! They act like they have never seen a naked person before!

    1. real people don’t act like that when they are playing video games :/ it’s all too cringing! And the “reactors” know they are on camera! they are obviously not going to act like normal!

  3. only one guy is playing it right! ONE GUY!! And that one guy had the most fun :/ the rest were just tapping the screen. Ugh I hate fine bros. they are really quick to judge a game they don’t know how to play.

  4. I get it’s a slow news day, we’re in that post E3 drought at the moment, so it’s understandable…..but thats no excuse to place such refuse as the Fine Bros in my gorgeous news feed….why Sickr….whyyyy….

  5. Even I didn’t know that Bayonetta got THAT sexual. I still doubt that I’ll like this game when I play it. Since it seems to be very repetitive. I can’t think of a single hack and slash game that I have ever liked. That’s why I never cared about the modern Ninja Gaiden games, because the gameplay bored the crap out of me.

    1. Hack and slash is awesome. I usually replay levels over and over in Dynasty Warriors. I still can’t believe I haven’t played Hyrule Warriors yet. I already like DW but then they added Zelda characters. It can’t get any better than that…

    2. That’s the thing though, if you try to play this game repetitevely like a button masher you’ll die again and again (unless you play on easy). The true trick of the game is understanding it’s mechanics and being able to play around the combos and the precise movements. It can be slightly repetitive on occasions, but even for someone who hates repetitiveness it felt very varied the whole way through. I wouldn’t call it the “best game on the Wii U”, but I think it’s still a fantastic game in it’s own right.

  6. Welp, this is definitely fuel to validate why we have the ESRB right here. Clearly these children cannot handle mature games or put into context that a woman is allowed to be as sexually provocative as she wants, fictional or not. Also it shows how children are incapable of discerning optional controls from mandatory ones or how they are quick to take the easiest route to complete a task rather than the more rewarding route (only one tested the stylus and used buttons the whole way through, the others were tapping the gamepad with cringe inducting roughness).

    It also dispels that whole “advertisement” argument since hardly any of them knew about Bayo and one of the two who did knew about her thanks to Smash Bros. The rest seems completely oblivious to the origins of our favorite witch. That good ol Sony an Microsoft sure did promote one of the finest games to come out last gen didn’t they? Mhm. So good that the teens of today hardly heard of her even though gaming is still mainstream.

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