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Pokemon Masters is now available on mobile devices

It has been a few months since Pokemon Masters was unveiled. At last, players can finally download the game. Moments ago, the game officially went live on iOS and Android devices. If you would like to get the game from the iOS App Store, you can do so here. If you would prefer having it on an Android device, you can get from the Google Play Store right here.


8 thoughts on “Pokemon Masters is now available on mobile devices”

  1. Well, i don’t mind playing this game since they include past Pokemon Trainers from past generations that we saw and played. including Lillie. I might as well give this game a go.

  2. I gave it a try, but got turned off shortly into it when I wanted to get new trainers but didn’t have enough gems. I suppose it’s for the best because getting into games like this can really hurt your wallet.

    1. Yeah. Same here. But, since its not compatible with my phone, I’m getting a new one real soon so I can try out this game and see if I like it or not. Besides, Miitomo was the best Nintendo app game until Nintendo shutdown the service with no explanation from them.

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