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Celeste Chapter 9: Farewell will be releasing on September 9th

The new Celeste update, which will include a 9th chapter, has been in the works for while. Well, the game’s developers have announced in an official blog post that Celeste Chapter 9: Farewell will be releasing on September 9h for free. The intention is to release the update on all platforms simultaneously, including the Switch, but the devs noted that “the XBox One version might not be released on the same day. We apologize, but coordinating this patch across all consoles was challenging for our tiny studio! If it doesn’t make the 9th, it will release soon after. Thank you for understanding”. The Celeste devs also announced that the physical release of the game “will enter production shortly”.



  1. This game is the perfect example of an indie game that proves you should not always stick to triple a games. It’s addictive and hard and so good.

    1. For me it sort of felt like a perfect throwback to Gameboy times. Those minimalistic little portions of one-screen-puzzles with that pixelcharme. I mean that could be said about other indies, but this one happens to also be an insanely good game.

      When I started playing it, I just bought it because of the hype, not knowing anything about it. It felt pretty weird in the beginning. “That’s …it??” as in a world in which also indies tend to become more and more complex it felt a bit unreal to me that a game would really just work with that NES-button-controls. But the hype made me kinda conscious that there might be more to it (no I usually don’t give too much about hypes but with celebrated indie games there’s usually a reason for the buzz) and YES thanks crowd for pushing this game into my radar, it’s among the brightest pearls in my already too big Switch library.

  2. As someone who hasn’t play this I am very excited! I ordered a physical copy of this game from LRG (At this point, I have never bought a single other game from them before) and I also ordered 5 blind boxes. (Blind boxes are random games from before that time I ordered them. And you have no idea what you get from the blind boxes) It was a total of 230$ or so … or maybe it was 180$? I remember placing the order back on january of this year.

    I still havent received anything from that order because they said they wanted to wait for this dlc to be out so they can put it in the cartridge to preserve physical gaming. Now, I did not know that whatever you order at that time will be shipped all together all in one package.

    There is really no point on thos story I just wanted to share, so hopefully I can get my games soon (‘:

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